Tips on What to Wear to a Black Tie Event

What is a Black Tie Event?

The black-tie dress code originated in the 19th Century, and it is mainly for social events that take place after 6 p.m. The black tie is the most formal dress code in social events, such as weddings.

Some hosts may indicate that a black tie is optional. Others state that a black tie is preferred. If the invitation clearly states black tie is mandatory/required, get your outfit together, or you will not be allowed in.

How to Dress for a Black Tie Event

Black Tie Dress Code for Women

Choose a floor-length gown in a dark color. The most popular color is black, but you can choose blue, brown, or maroon. These colors are elegant and do not draw attention when the wearer enters a room, especially at functions like weddings.

Choose a sparkling pair of earrings and a bracelet made of diamonds, pearls, etc. If it is a chilly night, grab a shawl or an overcoat. Find a stylish strappy pair of heels in a shiny color. You can match your shoes with a small clutch bag.

Black tie Dress Code for Men

The traditional black tie dress code for men is a black tux with matching trousers, a black bow tie, a white shirt, and a black pair of shoes. 

Here are a few ideas.