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40 Best Nail Art Ideas for 2020

This nail art compilation ought to give your manicurist some ideas. We are used to one shade of nail polish that we assume there’s a rule in the manicure manual. There’s none; try any shade that is available to you.

One popular nail art for short nails is painting the nail on the ring finger a different shade of nail polish. If you want more surface for dramatic deigns, get acrylic nails. They can be relatively trimmed coffin designs that give a canvas for some creativity.

Nude is a good shade if you want to keep your nail art simple. If you have some fingernails in a different shade, nude tones down the whole ensemble.

Additionally, alternating nail art designs lets you have two ideas on one hand. For instance, you can have the nails of the thumb, the middle and the small finger in a different design.

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