Simple, Affordable Boutique Decor Ideas You Can Try Today

Your workplace (store) should not be a dull-looking stall with shelves, hangers and mannequins. You can turn it into a vibrant, modern boutique affordably. Here are a few affordable boutique decor ideas to liven your store.

Small Boutique Decor Ideas | Affordable Design Ideas

Install Wallpaper

Wallpaper is trendy, and it enhances the appearance of plain walls. Wallpaper does what paint cannot, and wallpaper design options for your store include soft floral nature-inspired designs and stripes. Brick, tiles and natural stone styles go well with any other décor you may add to the store.

Assorted-color Leather Bag Display Inside Room

Display Products in Sections

We have always thought that a great store displays dozens of clothes behind a counter. In such a design, a buyer cannot move around the store to explore the variety available. Have you seen the Dash stores owned by the Kardashians? Their products are on countertops, shelves, racks, etc.

Do the same in your small boutique: fold shirts, place hats on shelves, display shoes along the walls – to use every inch of space.

Use Half Mannequins in a Small Boutique

Do not stuff a small store. Instead, use half mannequins.

Add a Chair or Ottoman

An ottoman or chair serves a functional and aesthetic purpose because shoppers can relax on it. This piece of furniture will be the highlight of the room.

Change Store Lighting

Do away with the single fluorescent lighting and install small lamps on the wall or the ceiling. First, ask your electrician what installations are practical in your store so that you do not have electric cables crisscrossing the space.

Clothes Hanged on Clothes Rack

Use a Themed Display

It could be a themed window display during celebrations like Valentine’s Day or even during a season, such as summer. Alternatively, display use one color as the theme throughout your store. 

Invest in Movable Racks

Replace the conventional wall-mounted clothes rail with movable racks. They give you greater flexibility to modify your store decor weekly or monthly.

In conclusion, aim to please and retain every customer who visits your boutique. Your customer service, product quality, and charming ambience will do the trick.

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