To Individuals

This privacy policy governs how you interact with whether using a computer or a mobile device. The Fashion Parlour promises to keep personal information shared here, when you subscribe to a newsletter, participate in a contest, comment on posts, participate in the forum or in any other situation, confidential. The Fashion Parlour does not provide information shared here to third parties. However, The Fashion Parlour gathers information such as page views, access points, access devices and clicks for website analysis, to improve the user experience. This tracking process takes place unobtrusively.


If you have any complaints or comments about The Fashion Parlour’s service or relationship with you, contact The Fashion Parlour through the same platform (email) you shall use when registering on this website. The Fashion Parlour confirms its commitment to resolve misunderstandings amicably, and seek legal assistance when necessary.

Removal Request

The Fashion Parlour identifies and duly captions all images used in its articles. However, for images reshared through pins on Pinterest, the original source may not be identifiable. In such cases, The Fashion Parlour links back to the Pinterest account. The Fashion Parlour promises to use all available resources to identify the owner of the image where such information is missing. If an image you own is not duly credited on The Fashion Parlour, please send an email and the change will be effected immediately upon verification.

To Businesses

These terms and conditions govern your relationship (as a listing owner) with The Fashion Parlour (  By using The Fashion Parlour’s classified advertisements listing directory service, you are agreeing to all of the terms of this service, and any updates made to these terms regularly.

The Fashion Parlour Business Directory Contract

Directory listings on this website are subject to a duration of one year, and The Fashion Parlour reserves the right to restrict access to this service without notice when we deem necessary. Additionally, The Fashion Parlour reserves the right to publish listings, and to ensure all businesses listed fit the website’s area of specialisation. For paid listings, The Fashion Parlour will give due notice (one month) should there be need to remove such listings from the website. The Fashion Parlour reserves the right to change the rates for paid listings, and will notify you of such changes promptly (within a week) through the official email address you have provided when requesting for this service.

You have agreed, on your own free will, to list your business in our business directory. The Fashion Parlour’s responsibility is using this website to advertise your business, but The Fashion Parlour does not guarantee any benefits from this listing. Therefore, you cannot hold The Fashion Parlour responsible if users do not convert as you expect.  In addition, the Fashion Parlour does not operate a payment gateway, and all financial transactions between you and users will take place off this website.

 Linking to this Website

You can link to this website from social media accounts or from websites provided you do not suggest The Fashion Parlour has endorsed your message or show any form of association that is beyond the business directory service offered to you. This website must not be linked to websites with questionable integrity, to websites flagged for a high spam score or to websites unrelated to the Fashion Parlour’s area of specialisation.

Links to this website are restricted to the home page or to your business listing page. You cannot link to The Fashion Parlour from a website you do not own or from competitor websites. In that light, The Fashion Parlour reserves the right to remove your links to this website without prior notice.


In case of loss, liability, costs, damages (extending to legal fees) that may arise when you breach any of the The Fashion Parlour’s terms and conditions, or to those of third parties, you agree that The Fashion Parlour and its owners are not responsible, and you will defend, exempt and protect them from such liabilities.

Variation of Services

The Fashion Parlour reserves the right to modify or remove the services provided on this website.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent to the stipulations on the relationship between The Fashion Parlour and users.