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Attractive Woman with African Pigtails Hairstyle in Yellow Dress with Exotic Pattern

Kitenge will always be fashionable, and with technology making it easier for people to share kitenge designs across the continent and beyond, I doubt we will stop wearing kitenge dresses any time soon. 

Whether it is ankara, kitenge, dashiki or any other African-inspired fabric, we want it in our wardrobes.

If you have been searching for the latest kitenge dress designs, I did your homework and compiled some of the most stylish designs on the internet, from African outfits for couples to ankara dresses for girls.

Let us start with a collection for the lovebirds.

Best Kitenge Design for Young Couples

Some couples swear they can never wear matching outfits, but others pull it off stylishly and confidently.

I must say, West Africans invest time and money when picking designs and fabrics, so they do it much better than most of us in the East.

So, have you and your Bae thought about getting matching outfits? 

Here are some popular ideas.

  • A kitenge dress for the lady and an African print shirt with a pair of khaki trousers for the man.
  • African print tops
  • African print trousers/shorts
  • Full kitenge designs and ankara-inspired shoes

Here is some inspiration for your matching outfits.

Kitenge Designs for Girls & Boys

Who says ankara or dashiki is too mature for girls and boys? Girls look gorgeous in kitenge dresses. They do not have to do the whole dress and headgear thing. However, if your girl likes it and looks good in head-to-toe kitenge or ankara designs, get her some.

Ankara rompers for girls are cute too, and dashiki is the most popular fabric for rompers. She can wear rompers on weekends at home or when attending casual events.

Accessories to complete kitenge dresses for girls include belts, headgear and leggings. Of course, it should not be a heavy turban that overwhelms her little frame and makes her feel uncomfortable.

Boys also want in on the kitenge fever. When looking for baby boy ankara styles, you will probably come across kitenge shirts and kanzu suits. These are all casual outfits perfect for any occasion you have ahead. Suits are a bit old school, but if your son can rock an ankara shirt and pants combo, why not?

Like men’s wear, African shirts for boys are simple. Most of them have ankara accents here and there around the pockets and sleeves. Since most African shirts for boys have short sleeves, your son can wear a light crew neck with full sleeves under the African shirt. Pick a fabric that hides dirt, as boys will always be boys. 

Often, boys wear ankara during occasions such as weddings, baptisms and family gatherings. But, you can get your son everyday wear. For instance, get him an African hoodie for those cold evenings as he rides his bike in the neighbourhood. You could also throw in a few shorts and vest combos for sunny days.

Here are a few ankara styles to guide.

Kitenge Dress Designs for Young Ladies

You can do so much with kitenge, dashiki or ankara fabrics. For example, you can get stylish:

1. Kitenge Blouses

African tops with jeans are casual but classy. They make you look like someone who put in some effort. If you do not feel like wearing a kitenge top, go for kitenge blazers or a shirt dress.

2. Best Kitenge Dress Designs

An African print fabric can give you a perfect long dress.

Long kitenge dresses seem to be a favourite for family gatherings and weddings. However, you can also wear long kitenge dresses to formal events. Your long dresses can serve as maternity wear if they have an allowance for a baby bump.

3. High Waist Kitenge Skirts

Do you have several of these in your wardrobe already? If not, get some, and get as creative as possible by adding side ruffles, side pockets, slit, etc.

Kitenge skirts take about two yards of fabric, so they are affordable. 

4. Kitenge Jumpsuits Designs

Kitenge jumpsuits are unique, and you will find anyone with a similar design as quickly as is the case with other fabrics.

If it has been almost impossible to find jumpsuits that fit your curves, get a kitenge fabric and design something you like.

5. Kitenge Shorts

Kitenge shorts are stylish, whether you are petite or plus size. All you need is a good tailor who understands your curves and is ready to accentuate them.

Kitenge shorts can be a two-piece set or a romper. Two-piece ankara shorts let you get creative with the top, and you can mix and match the tops and shorts with other outfits.

What do you do about the nagging cellulite on your thighs? Get longer shorts or wear less fitting ankara shorts.

6. Kitenge Coats

You have more than enough Western-style blazers and coats. It is time to get a few kitenge coats and ankara ponchos. Kitenge coats for ladies are light, not as heavy as the usual cold weather coats. Therefore, they are perfect for the warm and sunny months.

Ankara trench coats are unique. You will not have to worry about twinning unexpectedly with your workmates. In addition, the design might be similar, but the fabric is different.

Ankara kimonos are also trendy, paired with skinny jeans and heels. You could also pair an ankara kimono with a short dress.

Best Kitenge Designs for Him

African Shirts Designs

A few years ago, almost every man attending a wedding in Kenya wore a pair of jeans. They were often ugly, faded pairs. You would see men strolling into the venue behind their smartly dressed wives, looking like watching a game was more entertaining than attending some romance-themed gathering.

Maybe there are still such elements attending weddings here and there, but the situation has changed. You will see trendy African wear and Western-style suits at most weddings.

Men’s kitenge shirts are simple, often with kitenge accents around the pockets and the collar only. If it is a full kitenge shirt, it will have a plain coloured pair of trousers.

If Ankara suits for guys are not your style, break them up with jeans or khaki pants. Also, African print hoodies and T-shirts can be great additions to your casual Friday and weekend wear.

In conclusion,

I hope I inspired you to take that new fabric you bought months ago to a tailor.

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