Stunning Chunky Heels Pictures From Pinterest

person showing pair of white peep toe chunky heel sandals

Chunky heels left the fashion scene towards the start of this millennium, but they came back with a wide variety of designs and colors. As this trend was catching up since its demise in the late 90s, chunky heel booties and peep-toe platform heels looked like the trends that would resurrect block heels.

However, now, clear, nude and neon are some of the striking trends in the market that you can use to inject creativity to your collection of block heels.  If you only know block heels in black and brown, you are in for a nice treat with options ranging from pink to gold and purple.  For instance, how about some fashionable platform-block heels in brown snake or lime snake?

The heel height is also versatile with the block starting from 1” to over 5 inches. The 1 and 2-inch chunky heels can be simple slip-on designs or ankle strap heels. This is the right choice if you are only getting into the heels game after playing in the sneakers and flats league for a long time.

An ankle strap toe type, mostly in suede, brown and black color, continues to dominate this range of footwear. Instead of a traditional ankle strap, there’s the option of a lace-up that goes around the ankle or a wrap around. The ankle strap can have a buckle or a clear strap.

The heel can be a platform, a cone shaped-heel or a clear heel.  There’s so much variety that you can have a shoe for every occasion or outfit. Additionally, there are toe type options. The thong toe type can lead to an ankle strap, a wrap around the ankle or a crisscross strap. Another popular toe type is the open toe, which can have an ankle strap or be a slip-on.

The stiletto is still in style, but it doesn’t hurt to get a few pair of chunky heels sandals. Check out these ideas.