9 Budget-friendly Equipment for your Home Gym

When putting together a home gym on a budget, you need an informed decision on the best equipment to purchase. You want to furnish your workout space with equipment you will use throughout your present fitness program, rather than hoarding expensive equipment and have it collect dust in a corner.

 How to Start a Gym from Scratch 

First, think about the space available. It can be your spare bedroom, the garage or a shaded outdoor area. Let the space reflect your personality, and it will motivate you to spend more time there.

Re-modelling is affordable. Get a paint job, a carpet, good lighting, and you have enough upgrades to start with.

You might have to build a platform to protect your floor from damage if you will be lifting weights. Additionally, the space dictates the type of equipment you can buy. If you have adequate space, and the budget, your list should have fitness equipment like a treadmill and a spin bike. However, if your gym space is just a corner of your room, then consider buying home gym equipment that do not take up a lot of space.

What you Need for a Home Gym 

Now that you have your space ready, all you need are the right equipment to achieve your fitness goals. You can buy new fitness equipment, or visit local second-hand merchandisers to see what items you can get cheaply.

Here are the top 9 budget friendly, and effective, equipment you need in your gym.

Bench – Find a local carpenter who can make a sturdy bench for you. You need it when using some equipment, such as barbells.

Punch bag – It needs sufficient room for movement. A punch bag helps you improve strength and balance while uplifting your mood by relieving stress.

Tummy trimmer – It is simple to use, and it is effective in burning the layers of fat accumulating in your mid-section.

Jumping rope – A rope with plastic handles is long-lasting. Jump rope workouts are excellent for burning calories.

Yoga mat – Get a yoga mat to protect your body from the discomfort of working out on concrete. A mat also gives you a firm grip.

Dumbbells – A set of dumbbells is the simplest fitness equipment you can have for training single limbs. It is easy to maintain and takes up little space. If one of your fitness goals is to increase muscle mass, you need a set of dumbbells in your gym.

Barbells – Barbells are heavier than dumbbells, and they have a longer rod.

Ab wheels – Roller workouts strengthen your stomach muscles.

Stability balls – This fitness tool has several names. It is also called a physio ball or a Swiss ball. A stability ball is important for strength and endurance training and it also boosts balance. It is definitely one of the interesting things to add to your gym.

Find these budget friendly fitness equipment, and start your fitness regime at home.

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