How to get Free Publicity for your Fashion Business in Kenya Overnight

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Small-scale fashion and beauty businesses cannot match the marketing funds doled out by large brands. However, these small-scale businesspeople enjoy the benefits of digital marketing through various free marketing platform

ms. If you are stuck looking for free avenues online, here are five easy ways to get publicity for your brand.

1. Use the tag feature on Facebook

When you post on your Facebook page, tag your account and your friends. 

In addition, use the tag option when a celebrity visits your store and agrees to have you say it on your page. Make sure to use @ symbol plus the Facebook name of that public figure. For example, to tag The Fashion Parlour, write @thefashionparlour.

2. Use hashtags wisely

Create a hashtag and encourage your followers to use it when referring to your brand. If you wish to ride on the success of an existing trend, execute the campaign seamlessly.

3. Share your opinion on current affairs

Participate in forums online and in traditional media affecting your industry. First, gather news events in your industry, see where your opinion matters, and join the discussion.

Connect with media personalities who focus on your industry because they always look for experts to comment on trending topics. If public speaking is not your thing, write a blog post.

4. Post in marketplaces and group

Advertise your products and services through groups and marketplaces on Facebook, WhatsApp and everywhere else.

5. Post on classifieds websites

The number of classified ads websites in Kenya is increasing.