The Best Strategies to Market Your Salon Business

For a business to thrive anywhere in the world, it needs to attract new customers, retain existing customers, and adapt/grow to make the products or services appealing.
Use the strategies below to market your small salon business in Kenya.

How to Market Your Salon in Kenya

1. Participate in every exhibition, public conference, or another forum in your estate

If you have been attending public shows and forums as a spectator, you have lost many great opportunities to market your salon. Stop! Participate in discussion panels hosted by local councils, attend estate clean-up campaigns, and participate in other social responsibility projects like visiting the less privileged. These are free networking opportunities. You only need to show up.

2. Interact with cosmetics and hair products wholesalers and retailers

They will recommend you to their customers, especially people who have just moved to the estate and do not know where to get a hairstylist.

3. Advertise in your county or estate groups on social media

Before thinking about posting on nationwide social media groups, target local area groups. On social media platforms like Facebook, such groups are easy to find by searching for groups named after your county or estate.

You can also join the salon business in Kenya group to see how other salons use social media to promote their businesses. In such groups, show off the styling skills of your staff with pictures of unique hairstyles. Additionally, ask customers to tag your business page/account when they take pictures of their newly done hair for social media.

4. Wear your hairstyles

Promote your business by wearing new, unique hairstyles in the neighbourhood. Do not do what everyone else is doing. Make heads turn!

5. Treat a celebrity in your neighbourhood to free hair care services

It could be a pastor, a woman representative in the national assembly, a community worker, or anyone who is vocal and respected.

6. Take part in neighbourhood beauty contests as a stylist

There are so many beauty contests in estates. Some are held in nightclubs, while others are public events held in social halls. Connect with the organisers, and your salon will earn a spot on the advertising material of the event.

7. Open until late

Capture the attention of people who work late into the evening, and they will be loyal customers. It will make your salon stand out in the neighbourhood, as many businesses ignore this niche.

In conclusion, no matter the size or location of your salon business, there are many ways to draw more clients. Start in your neighbourhood, and once you get a sizeable share of the market, you will attract residents from the adjacent estates.