Tips on How to Become a Wig Influencer

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In recent years, the beauty and fashion industry has seen a surge in the popularity of wigs, with influencers and beauty enthusiasts using wigs to express their unique style and creativity. 

If these wig influencers have inspired you to become one yourself, you’re in the right place. 

We’ll discuss how to become a wig influencer, from the research you should do to the type of social media content a wig influencer should put out there. We’ll cover everything.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Become a Successful Wig Influencer

Step 1: The Education and Research Required

Start your journey by gaining a deep understanding of wigs because learning about wigs and conducting thorough research will lay a strong foundation for your influencer career. Hence, browse reputable websites, forums, and blogs for the latest information, trends, and expert advice on wigs and hairpieces.

Platforms like YouTube are a goldmine of wig-related content. Consequently, search for wig tutorials, reviews, and wig care guides created by experienced wig enthusiasts and professionals. Look for local or online workshops and seminars related to wigs and hairpieces. These events often feature experts who can provide hands-on experience and practical tips.

You can also identify and follow wig experts, stylists, and influencers on social media platforms. Engaging with their content, asking questions, and staying updated on their posts will keep you informed about the latest trends and innovations in the world of wigs.

Learning by doing is an effective way to gain practical knowledge about wigs. Therefore, invest in a few wigs to experiment with styling, application, and care. The hands-on experience will help you better understand the intricacies of wigs and build your expertise.

Attend trade shows, beauty expos, or wig-related events in your region whenever possible. These gatherings provide opportunities to meet industry professionals, discover new products, and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of wigs.

As you learn and research about wigs, document your journey through notes, photos, and videos. These will be valuable pieces in your social media content.

Step 2: Choose a Wig Niche

A niche is a specific area within the larger wig industry that you’ll focus on and specialize in. It helps you target a particular audience, stand out from the crowd, and build your expertise. 

Start by thinking about what aspect of wigs you are most passionate about. Do you love experimenting with bold, colorful wigs, or are you more interested in natural-looking styles? Consider your existing knowledge and experience with wigs. Are you an expert in wig care, wig styling, or wig customization? Choosing a niche that leverages your expertise can be advantageous.

You can also research what niches are currently popular and have a demand. For instance, look at other wig influencers and see where there might be a gap or an underserved audience.

Think about who you want to target as your audience. Are you aiming to cater to those new to wigs, cosplay enthusiasts, or those looking for everyday wig styling tips? Your niche should cater to their needs and preferences.

Step 3: Build Your Wig Collection

Determine how much you’re willing to invest in building your wig collection. Further, invest time in researching different wig brands, styles, and materials. Understanding the wig market will help you make informed decisions when selecting wigs for your collection. You can attend wig-related workshops, read reviews, and follow experts in the field.

Since it’s your first collection, start with versatile wig options. As such, look for wigs that can be styled in various ways and match many outfits to give you flexibility when creating content. On top of that, consider including wigs with different lengths, textures, and colors in your collection to showcase a wide range of wig styles and address the interests of various viewers.

While high-quality wigs may be more expensive, they’re worth the investment in the long run. Hence, buy such quality. Additionally, select wigs from reputable and well-known brands in the industry. These brands often offer better quality and customer support, which can be valuable when starting your collection.

Synthetic wigs are often more affordable, while human hair wigs offer a more natural look and styling versatility. Including both types in your collection allows you to demonstrate the pros and cons of each to your audience.

Don’t forget to invest in wig care and maintenance products like wig stands, wig caps, wig brushes, and styling tools. Proper care and maintenance will keep your wigs looking their best for longer.

Additionally, keep detailed records of your wig collection, including information about each wig, such as brand, style, material, and cost. That way, you’ll provide accurate information to your audience and keep track of your investments.

Step 4: Create High-Quality Social Media Content

Creating engaging wig content for social media influencers requires creativity, quality, and consistency. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to produce compelling content that resonates with your audience and helps you grow as a wig influencer:

Planning and Conceptualization

Brainstorm ideas for your content. What kind of content do you want to create? Examples include wig reviews, styling tutorials, wig care tips, and wig transformation videos. Also, consider your niche and target audience. What type of content would be most valuable or entertaining?

Gather Your Equipment

Ensure you have the right tools and equipment. You’ll need a high-quality camera or smartphone, good lighting sources (natural light or softbox lighting), and a stable tripod or mount for your camera. Invest in equipment for specific content, like wig stands, styling tools, or backdrops.

Setting Up the Scene

Choose a clean and clutter-free location for filming or photography. You can use a plain wall, a well-organized vanity, or a professionally designed backdrop. Ensure your lighting is even and flattering. Natural light works well, but you may also need softbox lighting or ring lights for indoor shooting.

Preparing the Wig

Style the wig before recording or taking photos. Ensure it’s clean, brushed, and in the desired style. If you’re showcasing different wig styles, plan your transitions or makeovers.

Content Creation

Your content should suit the social media platform. For example, Instagram favors square or vertical videos, while YouTube allows longer, horizontal videos. 

Capture different angles and perspectives to give your audience a comprehensive view of the wig and show close-up shots of the wig’s texture, construction, and details. Additionally, speak clearly, confidently, and authentically, and maintain a strong, engaging presence on camera. Consider including intros, outros, overlays, and background music to make your video content more appealing.


After recording, edit your videos or photos to enhance quality and remove imperfections. You can use video editing software or apps to add subtitles, transitions, and other effects. While sharing your content, write engaging captions or descriptions to complement your content, and add relevant hashtags to make your content discoverable.

Engagement and Interaction

Respond to comments and engage with your audience. Answer questions, encourage discussion, and consider conducting giveaways or contests to boost audience participation.

Consistency and Scheduling

Create a content calendar to establish a regular posting schedule that keeps your audience engaged and informed about when to expect your content. You can use social media management tools to schedule posts in advance, ensuring you maintain a consistent online presence.

Collaboration and Promotion

Collaborate with other influencers or wig brands in your niche to expand your reach. Additionally, promote your content across your other social media profiles and engage with relevant communities or forums.

Analyze and Improve

Use the analytics and insights on social media platforms to track the performance of your content. Pay attention to metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares.

Popular Wig Niches for Influencers

Selecting a niche that aligns with your passion and expertise is essential for establishing your identity and gaining a loyal following. Here are some popular wig niches available for wig influencers:

Natural-Looking Wigs

These influencers focus on creating and promoting wigs that mimic the appearance of natural hair. They often provide tips and tutorials on how to get a realistic look, including selecting the right wig color, texture, and styling techniques.

Colorful and Creative Wigs

For those who love vibrant and artistic styles, this niche is about experimenting with bold and unconventional wig colors, styles, and designs. Influencers in this niche often provide tutorials on achieving unique, eye-catching looks.

Wig Care and Maintenance

This niche revolves around educating and advising viewers on proper care for and maintenance. Topics may include washing, conditioning, storage, and styling tips to ensure the longevity of wig investments.

Wig Reviews and Recommendations

Influencers in this niche offer in-depth reviews of different wig brands and products. They share honest opinions on wig quality, durability, comfort, and styling options, helping their audience make informed purchasing decisions.

Wig Customization and Styling

These wig influencers specialize in customizing wigs to suit individual preferences. They often prepare tutorial videos on wig cutting, shaping, and styling to help viewers achieve their desired look.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace-front wigs have gained popularity for their natural appearance, and influencers in this niche specifically focus on these types of wigs. They discuss the pros and cons, application techniques, and styling options for lace front wigs.

Wig Tutorials for Beginners

This niche caters to people who need guidance in selecting, wearing, and styling wigs for the first time. Such wig influencers provide step-by-step tutorials and tips for beginners.

Wig and Fashion Coordination

Some wig influencers combine their passion for wigs with fashion expertise. They showcase how wigs can complement different outfits and help viewers coordinate their wig choices with their clothing.

Hair Loss and Wig Solutions

This niche helps individuals dealing with hair loss. Influencers share their experiences, provide emotional support, and recommend wig options to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Wig History and Culture

For those interested in the historical and cultural aspects of wigs, this niche explores the evolution of wigs through time and their significance in various societies and eras.

Wig DIY and Crafting

These influencers focus on creating wigs from scratch or customizing wigs with unique accessories and embellishments. They provide tutorials for viewers interested in crafting their wig masterpieces.

Men’s Wigs

While wigs are often associated with women, some influencers specialize in men’s wigs, catering to a specific audience looking for solutions related to hair loss or style transformations.

Top Wig Content Types Loved by Influencers

Social media influencers in the wig industry create various types of content to engage their audience, showcase their expertise, and promote wig-related products and services. Here are some common types of wig content for social media influencers:

Wig Tutorials

Influencers often share step-by-step tutorials on how to put on and style wigs. These tutorials can cover various topics, including wig application, cutting and customizing wig styles, and wig care and maintenance.

Wig Reviews

Influencers may review different wig brands and styles, providing honest opinions on comfort, durability, and how the wigs look and feel to help viewers make informed purchasing decisions.

Wig Transformation Videos

Transformation videos are popular on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Influencers showcase their dramatic before-and-after looks when putting on a wig, highlighting the power of wigs in changing one’s appearance.

Wig Lookbooks

Influencers create lookbooks featuring a collection of outfits and hairstyles, demonstrating how to pair different wigs with various clothing styles.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Share the content creation process, from selecting wigs and outfits to preparing the lighting and camera setup. Such a glimpse into your daily life as a wig influencer can make you more relatable to your audience.

Wig Care Tips

Educate your audience on wig maintenance topics like washing, storing, and detangling wigs.

Q&A Live Sessions

Hold question-and-answer live sessions to answer common wig-related questions and concerns.


Partner with wig brands or other beauty influencers for collaborations. Joint content, such as unboxing videos or style challenges, can introduce your audience to new products and expand your reach.

Wig Styling Challenges

Create challenges or contests where you challenge yourself and your audience to create unique wig styles using specific wigs.

Wig Styling Tips and Hacks

Share tips and styling hacks to help your audience achieve specific looks or solve common wig-related problems. These can be bite-sized tips on platforms like TikTok.

Wig Comparison Videos

Compare different wig brands, styles, and materials to help viewers understand the key differences and make more informed choices when shopping for wigs.

Product Launch Announcements

 If you collaborate with wig brands, use your platform to announce and promote new products, including sneak peeks, product features, and release dates.

How to Engage Your Audience as a Wig Influencer

Develop a content strategy that outlines what and when you’ll post to maintain a regular posting schedule. On top of that, your calendar should have content variety, from wig reviews, tutorials, before-and-after transformations, and behind-the-scenes looks.

Whenever your followers comment on your posts, make an effort to respond. Acknowledge their questions, compliments, and feedback.

Periodically, host Q&A sessions on your social media platforms where your followers can ask questions about wigs, styling tips, or your journey. It creates a direct line of communication and a chance to interact with you.

You can also use the polling features on platforms like Instagram and Twitter to engage your audience. You can ask them to vote on their favorite wig styles, colors, or even which content they’d like to see next.

Further, encourage your followers to share their wig-related photos and stories with you. Share some of these user-generated posts on your profile, giving credit to the original creators to build a community and showcase your appreciation for your followers.

Don’t be afraid to share personal stories and experiences related to wigs and beauty as a tool to create a connection. For instance, since most social media platforms offer “Story” features, use them to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your life, day-to-day activities, or wig styling process.

Such stories are a more casual way to interact with your audience and can help humanize your brand. Be genuine and honest with your brand. Followers appreciate influencers who are themselves rather than trying to be someone they’re not.

Lastly, run contests or challenges where your followers can participate and win prizes. 

Brands to Check Out as a Wig Influencer

Reach out to brands that align with your niche and personal brand. You can find contact information on their websites or social media accounts. Send a well-crafted email or direct message expressing your interest in collaboration and detailing what you can offer as an influencer.

For such a pitch, prepare a media kit. It’s a document that summarizes your statistics, audience demographics, and the types of content you create. It provides brands with a snapshot of their influence and reach. Include your follower count, engagement rate, and past collaborations.

When a brand expresses interest, be prepared to negotiate the terms of the collaboration, such as deciding on the type of content you’ll create, the deliverables, the timeline, and compensation. Compensation can vary. It may include monetary payment, free products, or a combination.

After the collaboration, follow up with the brand to share engagement statistics and feedback.

Here are some wig brands that may offer collaborations with wig influencers:


UniWigs sells a variety of wigs, hair toppers, and extensions. It has a history of collaborating with wig influencers to promote high-quality human hair wigs and synthetic options.


It’s another brand that has been receptive to influencer partnerships. It offers many wig styles, from natural-looking human hair wigs to fashionable synthetic wigs.


This brand specializes in high-end human hair wigs, especially lace wigs.


This hair brand offers custom wigs and ready-to-wear options and has partnered with influencers to demonstrate its products’ customization and styling possibilities.


Sensationnel is a well-known brand that provides affordable and stylish synthetic and human hair wigs. 


It sells synthetic wigs and extensions and often collaborates with influencers to feature trendy, budget-friendly wig options in creative and informative content.


It’s the place to find fashionable and vibrant synthetic wigs, including cosplay wigs. Influencers with a flair for colorful and creative wig styling have often partnered with this brand.


The home of high-quality human hair wigs, especially lace front and full lace wigs. This brand has worked with influencers to promote premium wigs and extensions.


Mayvenn, primarily known for hair extensions, has extended its line to include wigs.


It sells affordable synthetic wigs, crochet, and braiding hair. It has a history of collaborating with influencers to showcase its extensive wig and hair product range.

Wig Influencers to Inspire You

Here are a few top influencers whose profiles may inspire you on the type of wig content to create.

Aaliyah Jay

This prominent beauty influencer is famous for her versatility with wigs. She creates engaging and informative content, demonstrating various wig styling techniques, colors, and textures. Aaliyah also shares her experiences with different wig brands and provides tips for care and maintenance.


Nikki Wolff, known as Nikki_Makeup on Instagram, is a renowned makeup artist and wig influencer. She often pairs her stunning makeup looks with equally captivating wigs.


Her real name is Khadijat Sanni, and she’s a wig influencer and YouTuber. She specializes in wig-making and customization, teaching her followers how to create custom wigs from scratch. Her content includes detailed tutorials on sewing, cutting, and styling wigs.


Ellarie is a beauty and wig influencer known for her vibrant and colorful transformations. She experiments with bold and unique wig styles, often matching them with her equally creative makeup looks. 

Jaleesa Moses

This influencer focuses on natural-looking wigs and protective styling. She provides comprehensive tutorials on wig installation, maintenance, and achieving a seamless and natural appearance.


Kami Steele, known as StyledByKami on Instagram, is a wig and hair transformation expert. She frequently showcases her wig collection, which spans various textures and colors.


This wig influencer, whose real name is Youkeyy, is known for her stunning wig and hair color transformations. She experiments with vibrant and pastel shades, creating eye-catching looks that inspire her followers to explore unconventional wig styles and colors.


Becoming a wig influencer is rewarding to people who are passionate about wigs and beauty. By investing in education, building your wig collection, and creating high-quality content, you can establish a strong presence on social media platforms. Remember to stay patient, persistent, and true to your brand.

Popular Questions about Becoming a Wig Influencer

What does a wig influencer do?

A wig influencer leverages social media platforms to create and share content related to wigs, hairpieces, and related beauty products. They showcase different wig styles, provide tips, and offer product recommendations to their followers.

How do I get started as a wig influencer?

To start as a wig influencer, focus on building your social media presence. Choose a platform (like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok) where you’ll create content and then start sharing content related to wigs, haircare, and beauty.

Do I need a certain number of followers to be a wig influencer?

While there’s no specific number of followers, having a substantial following can help you gain influencer status. However, the quality of your audience and engagement levels matter as much as quantity.

Do I need to purchase a lot of wigs to become an influencer?

You don’t need to buy a vast collection of wigs right away. Start with a few high-quality wigs and create diverse content with them.

What are some challenges of being a wig influencer?

Challenges may include competition, dealing with negative comments, and maintaining a consistent posting schedule. Additionally, staying authentic and relevant can be a continuous challenge.

How can I ensure my content is authentic and trustworthy?

Be transparent with your audience. Avoid promoting products you don’t believe in, as trust is crucial in influencer marketing.

How long before I succeed as a wig influencer?

The timeline for success can vary widely. It may take several months or even years to gain a substantial following and secure significant partnerships. Consistency, hard work, and a bit of luck all play a role.

Is it necessary to have professional hairstyling skills to be a wig influencer?

Professional hairstyling skills can be an advantage, but it’s not necessary. Many successful wig influencers are self-taught and learn as they go. Sharing your learning journey can also be relatable and engaging for your audience.

Can anyone become a wig influencer, or do I need a specific look or style?

Anyone with a passion for wigs and hair can become a wig influencer. Embrace your unique style and personality, as authenticity often resonates with an audience more than conforming to a specific look.

How do I handle criticism or negative feedback as a wig influencer?

Constructive criticism can be valuable for growth. Respond politely and professionally. Additionally, you can ignore or block individuals who engage in harmful trolling or harassment. Remember that not everyone will be your fan, and that’s okay.