Tips on How to Put on a Wig with Long Hair

A Woman Putting a Wig

Are you tired of your long, luscious locks getting in the way of your wig-wearing dreams? Whether donning a wig for a fabulous costume, a quick change of style, or simply embracing a new look without the commitment of a haircut, here’s how to put on a wig with long hair. 

It can be tricky because long hair gets in the way, but you can get a natural look when you have the right techniques and tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you put on a wig with long hair.

How to Put on a Wig with Long Hair: The Process

Tools and materials you need:

1. Wig cap (nude or a color close to your hair)

2. Hairpins or bobby pins

3. Comb or brush

4. Wig cap liner (optional)

5. Wig grip or adhesive (optional)

6. Wig stand or mannequin head (optional)

Step 1: Prepare your hair

Start with clean, dry hair. If your hair is not already clean, wash and condition it. Brush or comb your hair to remove tangles and ensure it lies flat against your scalp.

Consider braiding it or creating a low bun to keep it as flat and close to your head as possible. It reduces bulk under the wig and prevents it from looking lumpy.

Step 2: Wear the wig cap

A wig cap helps keep your natural hair in place and creates a smooth base for the wig. Hold the wig cap with both hands and stretch it over your head, starting from the back and pulling it down to your forehead.

Ensure the wig cap covers all your hair, including braids or a bun. Adjust the wig cap to sit comfortably on your head, ensuring it is snug but not tight.

Optional Step 3: Use a wig grip or adhesive

Use a wig grip or adhesive if you want extra security or have trouble keeping the wig in place. Follow the instructions for applying it to your scalp or the inside of the wig.

Step 4: Prepare the wig

Hold the wig by the sides with the front (hairline) facing you. Tilt your head slightly forward and position the wig’s front edge against your forehead. Slide the wig over your head, starting from the front. Make sure the wig covers the wig cap completely. Adjust the wig to sit naturally on your head, aligning the ear tabs with your ears.

Step 5: Secure the wig

Lift small sections of the wig near your temple or the nape of the neck. Insert hairpins or bobby pins through the wig and into the wig cap to secure it to your natural hair. Repeat this process as needed, placing pins all around the perimeter of the wig.

Step 6: Style and blend

Use a comb or brush to style the wig’s hair. You can also use heat-resistant styling tools if your synthetic wig is heat-friendly.


Practice and patience are key when putting on a wig with long hair. Over time, you become more comfortable and skilled at achieving a natural and secure look.

Popular Questions about Styling a Wig Over Long Hair

Do I need to cut or trim my long hair before wearing a wig?

No, you don’t have to trim it. Instead, prepare your hair by braiding it or creating a low bun to keep it flat and close to your head before putting on the wig.

Can I wear a wig cap with long hair?

Yes, you can and should wear a wig cap with long hair. A wig cap helps keep your natural hair in place and creates a smooth base for the wig, ensuring it fits securely and comfortably. It also protects your natural hair from excessive brushing.

Can I still wear a wig if I have very thick or voluminous long hair?

Yes, you can. Braid your hair to secure it tightly to your head before putting on the wig to prevent it from looking bulky or uneven.

How do I choose the right color wig cap for my long hair?

Match it to the color of your scalp or the lace color, whichever is closer to your skin tone. It’ll create a seamless and natural look at the wig’s parting.

Should I use wig adhesive or a wig grip with long hair?

It’s optional, but it can provide extra security. Consider using such a product if your wig tends to shift or you want added stability.

Can I wear my wig without securing it with pins or clips?

While some wigs may stay in place without pins or clips, use them for added security, especially if you have long hair. They prevent the wig from slipping or shifting during wear.

Can I style the wig with heat tools if I have long hair?

Yes, you can style a wig with long hair using heat-resistant styling tools, but be cautious with the heat settings to avoid damaging the wig’s synthetic fibers if they’re not heat-friendly. 

How do I take care of my long hair underneath the wig?

Maintain your natural hair’s health by washing, conditioning, and moisturizing it regularly. You can also periodically remove the wig to allow your scalp to breathe and your hair to air out.

How do I remove the wig without damaging my long hair?

Gently lift it away from your head, avoiding any tugging or pulling. Be cautious when removing pins or clips.