See These Strategies on How To Start a Pick-up Point in an Existing Business

A pick-up point is a physical location where a customer collects a parcel. This physical location can be an office, a shop or a shipping agent’s warehouse.

Who Needs a Pick-up Point?

Any business targeting customers beyond its geographical zone needs a pick-up point unless it offers door-to-door delivery services. In Kenya, there is a steady rise in online shopping sites. Such websites have a meticulous shipping system that delivers parcels to customers around the country. Your pick-up point can target these established online shopping sites, or you can target small-scale entrepreneurs working from home.

Online shopping sites in Kenya would require more than just storage space on your premise. They may even need to inspect your premise and ask for some legal papers before you join their network of shipping points. But, small-scale entrepreneurs are easier to target and have lesser demands.

What You Need to Set up a Pick-up Point in Your Existing Business

Most importantly, your premise should be in a prime spot accessible through public and private transport.

  • Storage space

The space can be a few shelves to store clients’ goods. If your clients sell clothes, add a changing room/area.

  • A great package

Develop a contract with terms and conditions and prices at a per-hour or per-week rate.

Find out if your business permit covers this kind of venture or if you need additional papers to run a pick-up point legally.

How to Market your Pick-up Point

Join Facebook marketplaces. To narrow down your geographical area, join marketplaces in your region. Check the profiles of sellers who publish on those groups. Contact them if they have indicated they are home-based or online-based. Invite these sellers to view your location and discuss the terms and conditions of the contract.

Market your service to online traders through marketplaces. Explain to traders why they need a pick-up point. For example, letting them know a pick-up point allows a seller to concentrate on sales. Additionally, a pick-up point eliminates delivery fees that often turn off potential customers.

Benefits of a Pick-up Point to your Business

A new source of income within your business

Depending on your plan’s success, you can make enough to pay the rent for your premise.

An array of potential customers will walk into your store daily, which means more sales.

In conclusion, there are thousands of home-based entrepreneurs in Kenya. Therefore, you can set up a pick-up point anywhere in the country.