How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Small Business

Various footwear for selling placed on stone on street

Facebook is arguably the most efficient social media platform for small businesses. On a Facebook page, you display items in a shop, communicate with customers through a chat function, list events like new stall openings and discounts, and promote the business through paid advertising. Here is how to create a Facebook page.

What You Need before Creating a Facebook Page

The prerequisites are:

• Two images (The profile picture dimensions are 170 by 170px, and if it is a logo, it should be a png file. The cover photo should be at least 820 by 321 px).

• A phone number.

• Email address (not a must if you have a phone number).

• A personal Facebook account.

• A business name

Facebook Page Tutorial (using a Desktop/laptop)

• Log into your personal Facebook account.

• Click the Quick Help tab on the upper-right end of the top bar.

• Scroll down the drop-down list and click Create Page.

• Choose a page type. The options are a local business, a company, a brand/product, an artist/public figure, entertainment or a cause/community. If you are a fashion designer, select the public figure category. If you do not have a physical store, choose the brand category.

Alternatively, set it as a local business if you want a page for your land-based store. Later, you can change the business category if it does not suit your objectives. For now, we shall create a local business.

• Add the page name and the physical address of your shop. 

• Add a profile picture and a cover picture.

• Click on the button with three dots just below your cover picture, and select Edit Page Info from the drop-down list.

• Change the page category, if necessary.

• Add a short description of the business. For example, XXX is a leading distributor of fitness products in Kenya. Our prices are affordable, and we have various products such as slimming and detox teas. We make deliveries around the country, and we guarantee quality products.

• Add a link to your website and your email address. Direct visitors to the homepage, not subpages (for example, thefashionparlour. com, not thefashionparlour. com/about-me).

• Add the street address, where necessary. Indicate whether you make deliveries around your area of operation.

• Set the operating hours from Monday to Sunday. Save all the changes made.

• Like your page, share it or invite your friends to like it.

It costs zero to create a Facebook business page. You can get one right now by just logging into your account. In addition, your employee can access the page as an admin and reply to the comments on your behalf if you run your business as a side hustle.

How to Increase Facebook Likes

Each new page like draws you closer to your marketing goal. With each new like, you gain another potential client or brand ambassador. When you create a page, you have high hopes about how fast you will tell everyone about your brand.

However, a week or two later, all your friends like it, and there is no one else to invite. 

Millions of businesses have been in a similar situation, and what they did next proved their resilience. Here are a few of the top-rated strategies that increase Facebook page likes.

1. Diversify your content

When you publish many sales posts, your followers scroll down fast, looking for more exciting content.

Diversify your content. The basic rule is 80/20. It means your content should be 80% engagement and 20% sales. Engage your audience with content that elicits various emotions and is sufficiently interesting to share with their friends.

2. Do not pay for page likes

Never pay to boost the number of likes on your page. When you pay to get more Facebook page likes, despite narrowing the target audience by age and interests, they start unliking the page as soon as the campaign is over. Almost all likers in a campaign click the like button without visiting the page first.

On the other hand, when you advertise a single item for sale, it brings hundreds of comments, more post likes, a few likes and profile views. Hence, advertising for conversion generates a variety of reactions and interest.

3. Create a great Facebook business page

A good page has a complete profile. It should have a description of the products/services in the About Us section and contact information, including directions to the land-based store.

Credibility encourages more people to share what they find with their friends. They see your posts, tag friends, and make your name grow.

4. Run a monthly sale

Every month, run a sale to clear old stock. Talk about it in advance on your page, and possibly pay to promote it through influential people in the industry (influencer marketing) and the media. Make it a regular event.

5. Run contests

Contests and giveaways boost brand awareness. It should not be a complicated contest where you must call in a panel of judges. It could be trivia about a newsworthy event. 

6. Network by attending events

There are so many fashion events happening in Kenya all year round. Attend these events to mingle with the stakeholders and fashion enthusiasts. Also, sponsor events like Kenya Plus Size Fashion Weekend to get a mention in the list of partners.

There are also dozens of festivals you can join as an exhibitor.

7. Join groups of like-minded entrepreneurs

Contribute to discussions in groups of entrepreneurs and buyers in your industry. As you offer tips or discuss challenges you are facing in the business, someone will ask you what you do, and that will be one more page like earned.

8. Take care of your customers

Customers use the review feature on Facebook pages to rate their experience. Expect negative reviews when you never reply to comments or your phone etiquette is questionable.

9. Post in Facebook marketplace groups

Unlike groups of entrepreneurs, marketplaces have sales content only. Hence, post items for sale, and in the ad, tell your audience to visit your page for more details. If the marketplace does not allow you to share a post from your page, write a fresh post, copy and add the page ID so that an except (snippet) of the page appears.

Select marketplaces that are relevant to your products or location.

10. Take advantage of developments in your business to trend

For example, when you launch a new product line, preach the achievement to the masses. 

For new beauty products, issue a discount code so your audience can sample your products. For a fashion store, you could make a simple post about the arrival of new stock.

To motivate you, here is a list of some of the top Facebook pages in Kenya.

Some Popular Stores on Facebook

1. La Belle Fashions

 Deals in: Women’s wear

2. Oyoo Collections 

 Deals in: Men’s wear

3. Happy Feet Kenya 

Deals in: Men’s wear

4. Backyard ShoeZ

 Deals in: Shoes

5. Wedding Gowns-Abigail Bridal Boutique

Deals in: Wedding gowns and accessories

6. Lolita Shoes Kenya

 Deals in: Ladies’ shoes and bridal gowns

7. City Walk Kenya

 Deals in: Designer shoes, clothes and bags

8. Shoe Empire

 Deals in: Shoes

9. Fab Guru

 Deals in: Ladies’ shoes and handbags

10. Instyle Shoes 

 Deals in: Shoes

11. Wonder Kids Kenya

 Deals in: Kids wear and toys

12. Bata

 Deals in: Shoes for all age groups

13. Fortune Ladies Wear

 Deals in: Deals in dresses, linen pants, khakis and blazers

14. Crown Wear Ltd

 Deals in: Office and casual wear, uniforms and corporate wear

15. Everything Maternity Kenya

 Deals in: Baby wear, maternity wear and gifts

See what those and other brands are doing, and you will have a few ideas to improve your Facebook page.