Wholesale Shops in Eastleigh for Business Supplies

White Blue and Yellow Floral Dress Hanging on Clothing Rack

Walking around Eastleigh looking for the best shops can be confusing the first time you visit this business hub. Then you discover the most affordable wholesale shops in Eastleigh and reduce the time and money spent getting supplies for your business. Here is a list of the most popular malls. Since new malls come up daily, this list isn’t exhaustive.

Yare Plaza

Yare Plaza is one of the latest additions to the list of malls in Eastleigh. It flaunts one of the most stunning architecture. A couple of meters from the street, you can see eye-catching curtains displayed in stalls in the basement. Yare Plaza is the first mall as you approach First Avenue from the roundabout along General Waruingi Street.

Hodan Complex Centre

It is further away from the main shopping malls but still on First Avenue as you head towards Marie Stopes. Most shops in the basement and on the first floor sell curtains and carpets.

Bangkok Shopping Mall

It is next to the main bus stage heading back to the city on First Avenue. The building flaunts an iconic red brick exterior. Stalls on the first-floor deal in curtains and fabrics, while on subsequent floors, you get a variety of elegant men’s wear.

Olympic Shopping Centre

Shops on the ground and first floors of this mall sell men’s wear and shoes. You could also get handbags on the ground and first floors. For undergarments at wholesale prices, check the stalls in the basement and the ground floor.

Prestige Shopping Mall

This mall is a haven for dealers in African print fabrics, especially kitenge. There are shops with ready-made wrappers and skater skirts with vibrant African prints. 

Taisir Shopping Centre

Most traders on the ground floor sell undergarments. Nonetheless, there is an assortment of men’s wear inside the mall, from khaki trousers to shirts. You will also find affordable women’s wear on the first floor.

Amco Shopping Mall Eastleigh

It houses many of the cheap wholesale shops in Eastleigh. Women’s wear shops, most selling dresses, occupy the basement.

Amal Plaza

Men’s wear, such as khaki trousers, starts from the basement up. 

Tansim Shopping Mall

The first floor has a store facing the main street with the most affordable clothes in Eastleigh. Generally, this mall is where you can buy in bulk, affordably.

Prime Shopping

This mall is next to Bangkok Shopping Mall. Most stalls sell dresses, denim blouses, denim trousers, official tops and blouses, skirts, jeggings, kimonos, and undergarments at wholesale prices. 


Beijing Mall is off First Avenue, along Fifth Street. You walk into a decently sized corridor with mannequins displaying a variety of women’s wear.

I love sharing KateVlogs because she knows her way around the city. See where you can buy clothes and handbags in Eastleigh.

Angel Ndegwa also does informative shopping hauls and vlogs. In this video, she shows you where to get affordable beauty and hygiene products in Eastleigh.

Eastleigh Shopping Guide: Tips

  • Wholesale shops in Eastleigh have different quality of the same item. Therefore, a stall on the ground floor can sell khaki trousers at KSh900, and you get the same for KSh1200 on the second floor. Do not be fooled by the price; always check the quality.
  •  Make a few rounds before you buy anything. There is no price consensus among traders; consequently, the price may vary from one mall to the other.
  •  When asking about the price as a seller, always ask for the price and the minimum number of pieces. Some traders set the minimum at three items, and others say a minimum of half a dozen (six pieces).
  •  Buy just a few of each design. Buy three to six of each to clear your stock fast just in time to get the latest shipment.
  •  Establish a relationship with several traders, and the minimum pieces restriction will ebb away.
  •  The malls have several entrances and exits. You might enter one way and exit on some godforsaken backstreet.

How to get to Eastleigh Shopping Centre

Most buses from the city center to Eastleigh are along Tom Mboya Street. Look for bus numbers 4, 6, and 9. The main stages are outside Tuskys Imara, along Luthuli Avenue, and opposite Khoja Bus Stage.

Matatus heading to Eastleigh from Nairobi approach First Avenue either from Pangani through Juja Road or from Ngara through General Waruingi Street. Buses using General Waruingi Street drop passengers at the roundabout, while the ones using Juja Road drop passengers a short distance from Major Kinyanjui Street. Nevertheless, all buses will get you to First Avenue in Eastleigh.

You could also board a Kariobangi bound bus from Gikomba and alight at Garissa stage along Eastleigh First Avenue.