Looking for Wholesale Shops in Eastleigh Malls?

A map showing wholesale shops in Eastleigh Nairobi

Wholesale shops in Eastleigh are just a KSh50 bus ride from Nairobi’s city centre. During the colonial era, the city was segmented into neighborhoods with divisions based on race and social status. Eastleigh’s dense population of Somalis and other Cushitic communities is as a result of the colonial power’s effort to define who lived where.

However, through the years, other communities have bought property, and set up shops in Eastleigh. One of the few features of the colonial era’s division of Eastleigh is its streets. They are known as avenues, and they traverse the suburb in a style akin to the structure of neighborhoods in the UK.

Eastleigh’s First Avenue is the main street; it is the main shopping hub. This two-way street connects Juja Road to Jogoo Road. Modern storey buildings with wide glass windows glinting in the sun mingle with older buildings that served as the main shopping malls before the real estate boomof the last few years.

Here’s a general guide to help you find supplies in Eastleigh shopping malls.

  • Yare Plaza

Yare Plaza is one of the latest additions to the list of malls in Eastleigh. It flaunts one of the most stunning architecture. A couple of metres from the street, you can see eye-catching curtains displayed in stalls in the basement of the complex. Yare Plaza is the first main mall as you approach First Avenue from the roundabout along General Waruingi Street.

  • Hodan Complex Centre

It is further away from the main shopping malls, but still on First Avenue as you head towards Marie Stopes. Most of the shops in the basement, and on the first floor, stock curtains and carpets.

  • Bangkok Shopping Mall

It is situated next to the main stage for buses heading back to the city, on First Avenue. The building flaunts an iconic red brick exterior. Most of the stalls on the first floor deal in curtains and fabrics. On subsequent floors are stalls with a variety of elegant men’s wear. A soft khaki trouser goes for about Ksh800 wholesale (bargain like a pro).

  • Olympic Shopping Centre

Men’s wear and shoes dominate the ground and first floors of this mall. You could also get handbags on the ground and first floors. However, the shops in the basement, and to the side, have a variety of undergarments at wholesale price.

  • Prestige Shopping Mall

This mall is a haven for dealers in African prints, especially kitenge. There are shops with ready-made wrapper skirts and skater skirts with vibrant African prints.  Readymade skirts retail for between KSh150 and KSh300.  Alternatively, buy the fabrics if you would like to have them tailored elsewhere.

  • Taisin Shopping Centre

Most traders on the ground floor sell undergarments. Nonetheless, inside, there’s an assortment of men’s wear from Khaki trousers to shirts. You will also find affordable ladies wear on the first floor, with wholesale prices of skirts starting as low as KSh300. Ladies vest dresses go for about KSh400 to Ksh450 a piece.

  • Amco

From the basement to the top floor of this mall, items on sale range from men’s wear to ladies wear. It is one of the cheapest malls for wholesale purchases in Eastleigh. Ladies wear, especially dresses, are on the basement stalls, ranging from KSh350 to KSh600. The average minimum number of pieces you can buy is three pieces though there are also traders whose minimum is six pieces.

  • Amal Plaza

Men’s wear, such as khaki trousers, starts from the basement all the way up. The wholesale price for a pair of jeans for men starts from KSh500 and khaki trousers go for KSh600 depending on the quality.

  • Prime Shopping

This mall is next to Bangkok Shopping Mall. Most of the traders sell ladies wear. You can get dresses, denim blouses, denim trousers, official tops and blouses, skirts, jeggings, kimonos and ladies undergarments at wholesale prices. The minimum is mainly three pieces.

  • Beijing

Unlike the other malls whose main occupants are Somali, Beijing has a large bantu population. Therefore, it is always open even during celebrations such as Idd. Beijing Mall is off First Avenue, along Fifth Street, which is under construction (October 2017). You walk into a decently sized corridor with mannequins displaying a variety of ladies wear, which are the main items in this mall’s stores. The prices of dresses range from KSh300 to KSh400. Some traders restrict wholesale prices to a minimum of three pieces while others sell even a piece.

Eastleigh Shopping Guide: Tips

  • Wholesale shops in Eastleigh have a variety of quality of the same item. Therefore, a stall on the ground floor can sell a khaki trouser at KSh600 and you get the same item, in a different quality, at KSh800, on the second floor. Do not be fooled by the price; always check the quality.
  • Make a few rounds before you buy anything. There’s no price consensus among traders, so the price may vary from one mall to the other.
  • When asking about the price as a seller, always ask for the price and the minimum number of pieces. Some traders set the minimum at three pieces while others say a minimum of half a dozen (six pieces).
  • Buy just a few items of each design. Buy three to six pieces of each so that you can clear the stock fast and come back just in time to get the latest shipment.
  • Establish a relationship with several traders and the minimum pieces restriction will ebb away.
  • The malls have several entrances and exits, so you might get in one way and exit on some godforsaken backstreet.

How to get to Eastleigh Shopping Centre

Most buses from the city to Eastleigh park along Tom Mboya Street. There’s quite a variety of them. Look for bus number 4, 6 and 9. The main stages are outside Tuskys Imara, along Luthuli Avenue and opposite Khoja Bus Stage.

Matatus heading to Eastleigh from Nairobi approach First Avenue either from Pangani through Juja Road, or from Ngara through General Waruingi Street. Buses using General Waruingi Street drop passengers at the roundabout while the ones using Juja Road drop passengers a short distance from Major Kinyanjui Street.  Nevertheless, all buses will get you to Eastleigh’s First Avenue.

You could also board a Kariobangi bound bus from Gikomba and alight at Garissa stage along Eastleigh First Avenue.

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  1. Juma says:

    A very helpful article. Thank you
    I want to venture into boutique business. One challenge in this business is that it is characterised by an ever changing trend. Any update of the latest hottest fashion trends?

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Watch fashion statements happening around you. That is the best place to discover trends.

      1. Tabitha says:

        When can I get ladies polo shirts please

        1. The Fashion Parlour says:

          Explore Easleigh malls, ask sellers for the polo shirts you need and you’ll find a good offer.

  2. Sammy Christol says:

    I want to venture into unisex sport and convers rubber shoes, where do I get best bales at affordable price

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      The mall next to Taisin, when facing the roundabout.

  3. LENOX OGONDA says:

    Great article with great insights especially for starters like me. Thanks a lot

  4. Miriam says:

    This is such a helpfull piece. What about ladies shoes
    in wholesale

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      The malls starting from Taisin as you head to the roundabout. The front shops have men’s shoes, then inside you find other stalls with ladies shoes.

  5. Shirleen Cherotich says:

    Thanks so much for the was so helpful
    Just asking where I could get ladies handbags at affordable price

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Taisin, Prime Shopping… Just explore as many malls as possible.

    2. Dorcas says:

      I want to start a men fit shop where to find men suit

      1. The Fashion Parlour says:

        Hi, visit Eastleigh and find a supplier.

  6. I want to venture into a business of reselling ladies shoes and handbags, Where do I get the best whole sale prices?

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Try Beijing and Taisin Malls, and other malls offering wholesale prices.

  7. Thanks for your guidance on eastigh route. Which is the best and cheapest baby shop in eastigh

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Just take a bus to Eastleigh, explore the malls, and you will find a trader with prices that suit your capital.

  8. Lydia says:

    I want to venture into a baby shop business, which mall can i visit?

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      There are numerous stalls to visit, to find the right products for your baby shop. The first step is going to Eastleigh to find a supplier.

  9. Janeffer says:

    I want to start a small business, boutique ladies dresses,skirts tops..Which is the best place in Eastleigh where I can buy with wholesale price.

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Try Beijing and Taisin Malls.

      1. How do I get men jeans on wholesale

        1. The Fashion Parlour says:

          Hi Racy, visit Eastleigh, and find a supplier in any of the malls explained in the article.

  10. Hellen says:

    Where do I get beautiful track suits for children at wholesale price

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Just explore the malls listed above and you will get what you are looking for.

    2. Sherry says:

      Where can I get those football t shirts in wholesale price? Which mall please?

  11. Elijah Kioko says:

    I want to venture in ladies shoes where can I get them and is it possible to connect me with a dealer??

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Unfortunately, I am a journalist, I do not sell or have contact details of any seller. However, when you visit any of the malls listed above, you will get help starting your business.

  12. Baijuka Andrew says:

    I want to start a men clothing boutique! Where can i get a cheap wholesaler with good quality

    1. The Fashion Parlour says:

      Take a matatu to Eastleigh and explore the malls. You’ll find everything you need there.

  13. George says:

    Hi ,where can I get glow in the dark t-shirts

  14. need men official shirts and casual t-shirts in wholesale

    1. Thanks.. those khaki pants between the ones sold at 600 and 800 which is the best quality or how do i know the best quality of khaki pants

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