Mitumba Business Success Stories: 6 Entrepreneurs You Should Know By Now

If nothing else will motivate you to start your business, I hope these six mitumba business success stories will tell you everything you need to make that important decision.

1. Grace Wambere

She explains in this video that you can start with a bale as long as you know how to deal with the dead stock (fagia).

2. Stacy Ochieng

The story of Stacy Ochieng, who runs Stecy Wa Mitumba, will inspire you to start from the bottom by taking the early morning walks to Gikomba or other mitumba markets. Stacy started her business on the streets of Nairobi as a hawker. She tried other businesses first, such as Mama Fua and selling fish. Then, she ventured into selling second-hand clothes with a capital of KSh1,000.

3. Julius Gutu

He runs a stall in Toi Market. He explains how to start a mitumba business: selecting a premise, supplier, market fees, and average capital needed.

4. Winjoy Kananu

She sold boiled eggs (mayai boilo) in Meru for about a year and saved KSh100,000. Her next venture was selling fruits before she started buying mtumba bales in Gikomba and reselling the pieces in Meru.

Now, she sells mitumba bales in Gikomba.

5. Norah Muendo

Norah Muendo is an inspiring businessperson. From failure in her first venture to taking maternity leave and having to start all over again, Norah has experienced it all. Now, Nila Baby Shop has three branches.

6. Paul Njuguna

Jugan (Njuguna) Paul has been in business since the late 80s. At the time, he was selling plastic shoes in Lotoktok besides farming. Now, Njuguna sells mitumba blouses, dresses, etc. However, he also sells new trousers.

He has tried hawking, set up his business in different parts of the city, and finally found his current base. He sells the best pieces in his shop and the rest to resellers targeting open-air markets.