Mustache and Goatee Styles: Plus Goatee Styles Without a Mustache 

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Ah! So you like a mustache and goatee combination? It’s a great option, especially when working with thin facial hair and you don’t want to shave the whole beard.

Mustache and goatee styles have facial hair over and under your lips. 

We’ll look at three types. One type, such as the circle beard, circles your mouth with a thin strip of facial hair. The second type of goatee style extends along the jawline but not as far as the sideburns. The third type has a mustache and goatee, but the two don’t connect. After discussing these three types, we’ll look at a few options for men who want a goatee without a mustache.

Best Looking Goatee Mustache Styles: 7 Styles to Try

1. Sparrow

It’s a playful, creative, and distinctive beard style that makes you look like Jack Sparrow. This style features a thick, short mustache with uneven tips that fall over the corners of your mouth, a disconnected soul patch, and a goatee. The thick goatee grows into two braids extended beyond your chin.

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2. Boxed Beard

It’s a simple goatee style with about an inch of facial hair fencing your mouth.

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3. Van Dyke

It’s as dramatic as the sparrow goatee. However, the chin beard is smaller and starts from under the lip. The most profound feature of this beard is its mustache tips that form two whiskers styled upward. This dramatic style also suits bald guys.

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4. Full Goatee

A full goatee has a full mustache and an elaborate beard under the lip to the chin. If your beard hair grows thick, consider getting this goatee style. 

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5. Anchor Beard

You’ll not mistake this one when you see it because of its characteristic anchor shape. The mustache is a thin line, while the goatee covers the jawline. 

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6. Circle Beard

It’s one of the best goatee styles for men whose facial hair grows thick as it circles the mouth. Shave the rest of the area clean to accentuate the circle. An alternative way to make this style stand out is leaving a soul patch under the lip, inside the circle beard.

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7. Long Goatee

It has a box shape as it grows like a circle beard. However, it extends vertically on the chin without covering the whole jawline. It starts like the beard below.

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Goatee Styles without a Mustache: 5 Best Styles

1. Landing Strip

The strip starts from under your lip and runs down the chin.

2. Chin Puff

This goatee draws attention to your chin as it’s a tuft of hair either running from under the lip or on the chin only. If your beard is patchy, shave your cheeks and leave a chin puff.

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3. Stubble Goatee

To achieve this style, let the beard on the chin grow about an inch if you have patchy hair.

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4. Soul Patch

A soul patch is almost like shaving the beard and leaving a spot under the lip.

5. Classic Goatee

This one resembles a full beard because it has a thick beard on the chin. However, it doesn’t have a mustache.

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Goatee Styles for Different Face Shapes

A goatee beard looks good on any face shape. However, you have to match your style to your facial features. See the most suitable option for your face shape below.

Square Face

Since this face shape has a square jawline, you want a goatee with sharp lines on the cheeks. In addition, it should be a style with a full chin and short facial hair on the cheeks.

Try a balbo, chin strap, or circle beard to complement the sharp edges of your jawline.

Oval Face

This shape works with many goatee beard styles, including a circle, anchor, and disconnected goatee.

Round Face

Such a shape requires a goatee beard that slims the face. Hence, styles for such a shape include a Van Dyke, and Balbo goatee.


You want to complement the sharp chin with an anchor beard, a Van dyke, or a soul patch.

Rectangular Face

A chin strap or landing strip suits this shape.

How to Choose the Best Mustache Goatee Styles

Before you book an appointment with your beard stylist, consider the following:

The Maintenance Routine

Some goatee beard styles, such as a full goatee, take longer to brush and maintain daily. Also, some goatee styles have you visiting your beard stylist every few days. Are you ready for such goatee maintenance work?

Your Facial Features

As mentioned above, you want a goatee beard that suits your face and facial features. For example, if you have a long, narrow shape, you don’t want two long braids down your chin as they lengthen your face. Therefore, a sparrow goatee isn’t an option. 

Hair Thickness

The style should work with your hair length and thickness. For example, a full goatee shouldn’t be patchy. On the other hand, a soul patch or landing strip requires facial hair to grow under your lip.

Your Occupation

Settle for a style that suits your work environment. For instance, a chef will likely go for a landing strip or soul patch, not a long goatee. 

How to Shape Goatee Facial Hair Styles

Step 1: Choose the Right Facial Hair Style

The goatee facial hair styles we discussed earlier suit different face shapes. Therefore, consider the facial features you want to accentuate or tone down. For instance, a square jawline pops with a circle beard as it has thin sides and more hair on the chin. In addition to your face shape, consider your hair thickness and if it’s suitable for the goatee beard you want.

Step 2: Gather Tools for Trimming and Shaving Your Beard

Based on the style you selected from the list above, you know if you need to trim, shave, then contour your beard. For instance, if you want a chin puff, trim around the tuft of hair at the chin, then do a close shave. On the other hand, trimming goatee beard hair for a circle beard means you leave about an inch of hair around your mouth. With these factors in mind, get a trimmer with a range of guards, shaving cream, a face towel, and beard moisturizer.

Step 3: Trim the Beard

You want a goatee of the same hair length. However, take cognizance of the goatee style because some require varying lengths. For instance, a chin puff requires hair at the chin, so you want to shave the rest off. Trim until the outline of your beard style is clear and correct. 

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Step 4: Shave & Define the Edges

It’s time to define the edges of your beard and give your cheeks and neck a close shave so that the goatee style pops. Hence, change the trimmer guard for a close and accurate shave. It should be sharp to avoid tugging your skin. Additionally, protect your skin from razor burns using shaving cream.

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Step 5: Wash & Moisturize Your Face

Now you’re ready to flaunt a new goatee beard.


What is a goatee with a mustache together called?

If your goatee connects with your mustache, it’s a circle beard, a long or full goatee. On the other hand, if the mustache and goatee disconnect, it can be a Van Dyke or a sparrow.

Who should wear a goatee?

A goatee beard suits any man. However, some styles, such as a full and long goatee, make you look older. Therefore, if you want to look younger, go for goatee styles with minimal facial hair and precise lines. These include a circle beard and chin puff.