10 Perfect Beard Styles for Bald Guys (with Pictures)

Bald Man Applying Shaving Cream on His Face

When your head hair stops growing but your beard stays, don’t shave it. Instead, try these beard styles for bald guys.

These styles suit men with different facial features, from the ones with a defined jawline to men with round-shaped faces.

Therefore, you can embrace your bald head and still have a fashionable beard irrespective of beard thickness or face shape. If unsure, look for pictures of Dwayne Johnson, Rick Ross, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, and Ving Rhames. They have different facial hair styles and are all bald. Get a style that suits your facial features and personality from the list below.

The Best Beard Styles for Bald Guys

1. Chin Strap

When your cheeks have patchy hair, shave them and leave a strip along the jawline. You can also keep the mustache.

Man in White Long Sleeves Holding Smartphone

2. Full Beard

It takes longer to grow, maybe three weeks, but it’s a unique style as few men achieve such length. An oval cut at the bottom of the beard lengthens and slims your face. This style suits men of all ages.

Man in Blue Suit while Looking at his Watch

3. The Circle Beard

It’s one of the beard styles for bald guys with patchy cheeks because a circle beard has a thin strip around the mouth. This strip connects the mustache with chin hair.

Portrait of a Man in a Black and Red Shirt

4. Scruff

Scruff forms when you stop trimming your hair for a while. It’s longer than stubble and messier. Therefore, you can pull off this style even with a patchy beard.

Man in Orange Button Up Shirt

5. The 5 O’clock Shadow

There’s little daily maintenance as you shave your beard off to get a shadow stubble. However, you may have to visit your barber often if your hair grows back fast. That’s a shave every two to three days.

Men's Black Zip-up Jacket

6. Goatee Beard

When your facial hair grows more along the chin than anywhere else, you can opt for a goatee beard. It can also include a mustache. 

Man in Pink Polo Shirt Looking Pensive

7. Long Beard

A long beard is one of the best facial hair styles for bald guys with thick, long hair. It may take longer to grow and maintain, but it’s unique.

beard, hair, jacket

8. Mustache

Think Steve Harvey and his stylish mustache. Yours can be as thick as his or thinner. A mustache is easy to style as you only need to trim and shave your cheeks and chin and contour your mustache edges.

9. Van Dyke

If your mustache and chin have thick hair, style a Van Dyke beard. Popular variations are a curled mustache combined with a goatee and a soul patch combined with a mustache and goatee. The Van Dyke is a classic style from the 17th Century, so you might have reservations about it if you’re into simple, modern beard styles. 

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10. Stubble Beard

It’s one of the short beard styles for bald guys, as its hair length is between one and three millimeters. As such, a stubble beard grows about two days after shaving. It’s the kind of beard style you’ll see on famous actors like Jason Statham. The drawback of a stubble beard is that you have to trim your hair regularly to maintain it at that short length. If not, it grows into a full beard.

This beard style is perhaps where you want to start if your head is balding and there’s some short hair here and there.

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What facial hair looks best on a bald head?

A stubble beard suits any face shape and is the easiest to grow. In addition, it’s neither long like a full beard nor as inconspicuous as a five o’clock shadow. It’s perfect, and you can get stubble even with patchy beard hair.