Patchy Beard Styles: 5 Best Facial Hair Styles

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It’s a fact that not every man gets the dream beard thickness and length. But that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining a beard, no matter how patchy it appears.

These patchy beard styles suit different facial features, so you’ll find something you like. We’ve also included pictures of these styles.

Later, we’ll tell you the possible causes of a patchy beard and how to improve your beard thickness.

Facial Hair Styles for a Patchy Beard: 5 Beard Styles

The patches can be on your chin, cheek, or mustache. Hence, we’ll discuss solutions suitable for different situations. 

1. Chin Strap

It’s a thick strap across your jawline. As such, a chin strap is a suitable beard style for men with patchy cheeks. Ask your beard stylist to shave your cheeks but leave the chin. Your mustache can also remain if you have one.

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2. Stubble Beard

Stubble grows in the first few days after a beard trim. Hence, it’s one of the short facial hair styles for a patchy beard and one of the best ways to style a thin beard with numerous patchy spots.

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3. Anchor

This style features a mustache, soul patch, and a chin strap. It’s a suitable choice where your cheeks have little to no facial hair.

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4. Five O’clock Shadow

If you’re not into stubble, you can shave it all off and have an illusion of a beard. This beard shadow forms about 48 hours from when you shave.

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5. Goatee

It’s one of the beard styles for patchy cheeks because it leaves facial hair on the chin. Goatee beard styles can have a mustache, so if you have thick hair above the lip, you don’t have to shave it as you trim your cheeks. There are many goatee beard styles, and you can find one in this goatee list. Examples include a chin puff, Van Dyke, and a boxed beard.

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What Causes a Patchy Beard?

Genetics and ethnicity may influence hair density to some extent. Additionally, your beard thickens as you grow, so a patchy beard isn’t a huge concern if you’re not yet 30. 

You may also have a bald patch because you suffer from alopecia areata, and your hair follicles are under attack by your immune system. Or, maybe, you don’t have this condition, just that you have a birthmark in the patchy spot.


How do you fix a patchy beard naturally?

You can wait for your hair to thicken naturally as you age because some people have a significant beard change as they approach 30 years. On top of that, change your grooming routine and incorporate beard oil to massage the bare skin.

You could also exfoliate the beard to remove dead skin cells and enhance blood circulation. Another way to exfoliate is by brushing your beard daily. As this process removes the dead skin cells, it also distributes natural oils. Nevertheless, use a gentle beard brush to avoid irritating your skin. 

Another solution that may improve hair thickness is to make your diet healthy so that you get sufficient nutrients for hair growth. For instance, a lack of iron can induce hair loss, and vitamin D affects follicle growth.