What is the Most Stylish Buzz Cut for a Receding Hairline?

Man Cutting the Hair on the Person Sitting on the Chair

A buzz cut will not draw attention to your receding hairline. It makes it less visible. In addition, since it’s a short haircut, a buzz cut will save you some time in the morning as it’s easy to maintain.

Therefore, instead of worrying about losing hair, get a buzz cut for a receding hairline, and you’ll feel confident and attractive. 

We’ve analyzed all the styles available and found you the best ideas. Take a look!

5 Balding Buzz Cut Styles

1. Short Brush

It’s almost like a crew cut because it has longer hair than most buzz cuts.

Brushing the hair toward your temple can also hide your receding hairline.

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3. Induction Cut

It’s similar to a burr cut because it maintains the same hair length. As the name suggests, it’s the kind of haircut on recruits in the military. However, it’s not a zero buzz cut; hence, when you DIY an induction cut at home, use a clipper without a guard or a 0.5 guard.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out pictures of Zayn Malik.

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2. Burr Buzz

The hair is uniform, and you don’t add a fade or taper. However, this style is longer than an induction buzz cut because it uses a 1 to 2mm guard. Such a haircut might also be an option when transitioning from long hair and unsure how short you should go. As such, you can maintain a burr buzz cut for a while and later decide to trim it to an induction cut or grow some length for a crew cut.

Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt and Gray Pants Sitting with Hands Together

4. Short Buzz Cut

It’s a simple trim that cuts your hair as short as possible. When your hair is of even short length, the receding hairline is less noticeable. The hair can be even shorter at the back and the sides by combining a short buzz cut with a fade.

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5. Zero Buzz Cut

It gets its name from the clipper guard used to style this look. Therefore, you shave all your hair when you get a zero buzz cut. It’s an advantage because it fades your receding hairline, so there’s no distinction between your forehead and your hair. Hence it’s perfect for a receding hairline. 

A zero buzz cut works with many beard styles for bald guys, from five o’clock shadow to goatee and full beard.

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What is the best buzz cut length for a receding hairline?

There are three best options depending on the hair length: crew cut, zero buzz cut, and an induction buzz cut. The first haircut suits men who want to keep a bit of hair, albeit short. The zero buzz makes your hairline unnoticeable, so it’s the best option when you’re balding. The third choice is between a zero buzz cut and a crew cut.