Short Haircuts for Men: 300+ Styles for Straight & Curly Hair in 2023

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We can’t overemphasize the advantages of short haircuts for men. For example, a short hairstyle makes your morning routine easy and stress-free. Additionally, your washing routine will use less shampoo than when you have long hair. 

Secondly, if you’re out of town and need a simple trim, you can get one fast, unlike when you have long hair with a complicated hairstyle.


If your question is what are some good haircuts for guys, we have pictures of hundreds of short and medium haircuts for men so you can have a new haircut every other week. First, take a long at our top 15 picks.

15 Best Short Haircuts for Men

1. Buzz Cut

Men have loved this style for generations because it’s easy to maintain. Plus, it’s simple, so your facial features don’t have to compete for attention. To modernize a buzz cut, ask your barber to add a line-up. 

Also, a short buzz cut can transform into stylish 360 waves for African American men.

Among the celebrities who’ve spotted a buzz cut are Chris Evans, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and David Beckham. Search online for their old pictures for inspiration.

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2. High and Tight

This one features a skin fade at the back and the sides, with longer hair at the top and the crown. It’s popular with men in the military.

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3. Ivy League (Harvard clip)

As the name suggests, you know it’s a style for a confident man. It has some similarities with a crew cut, although the hair at the top is longer, so you can brush it over the tapered sides.

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4. Slick Back

It’s the best hairstyle when you don’t want something fancy or lack the styling skills to maintain one. Rub some gel or pomade on your short hair in the morning and slick it back.

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5. Crew Cut

Although there are variations, generally, a crew cut has a taper at the back with longer hair at the top and the crown. You can do so much with the long hair at the top. For instance, your barber can trim it into a textured crew top or an irregular fringe.

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6. Bleached High Top

It’s a stylish version of the high and tight hairstyle discussed earlier. A bleached high top is more suited for textured hair; therefore, it’s one of the popular hairstyles for black men. The thick hair at the top can be baby locs with bleached tips.

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7. Closely Shaved Fade

It’s among the top hairstyles for black men and is a low-maintenance style. Your barber can add a line up to define the hairline. Even more stunning is a closely shaved fade and full beard combo.

Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt and Black and Red Boxing Gloves

8. Pompadour

It’s one style from the 50s that refuses to go away. You can combine it with a skin fade or taper. Unlike the slick back hairstyle mentioned a few paragraphs above, a pompadour has an impressive height like a mohawk.

Man in Blue Top

9. Hard Part with Fade

The hair at the top is longer than the sides, and a thin line parts these two sections without brushing the hair in opposite directions. The alternative is a soft part style, where you brush your hair in opposite directions without a conspicuous thin line between the two sections like in the picture below.

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10. Side Part with Fade

It’s almost similar to the hard part. However, a side part separates the hair in opposite directions from the thin line. These two styles work with any hair, even curly and coily hair.

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11. Mohawk

It could be curly, straight hair or a short dreadlock mohawk with a temple fade. 

A Man with Green Mohawk

12. Short Dreadlocks with Fade

If you’d like to get creative at the top, loc your hair. This style is suited for thick, textured hair.

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13. Flat Top

African men loved this hairstyle in the 90s and earlier, and it’s exciting to see some still love it to date. Instead of a traditional flat top with a taper or fade, you can ask your barber to style a line up where the longer top starts or give you an etched side.

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14. Spiky Short Hair

The longer hair at the top requires gel to hold the strands upright. It could be an alternative to a slick back. However, it’s edgy; therefore, you might earn harsh stares in public.

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15. Fade

A fade is a modest, simple haircut that many gentlemen love. There are many fade haircuts, from low to mid and high fade. The difference is how the hair length changes gradually from short to long. Most of the hairstyles discussed here incorporate either a low, high, or skin fade on the sides and at the back.

Instead of a traditional short haircut with hair at the same length all-round, you can personalize it with a fade. For instance, a skin fade at the back with longer hair at the top makes such a stunning look.

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150+ Short Haircuts for Men with Straight & Wavy Hair

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100+ Short Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair (& Curly Hair)

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Check out these short and medium haircuts for men with thick hair.

100+ Short Haircuts without Beard

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What is the most popular short hairstyle for guys?

The crew and buzz cuts are two hairstyles loved by most men. They are easy to maintain in the morning. Since a crew cut or buzz cut has long hair at the top, the back and sides of your head can have a low, high, medium, or skin fade.