11 Hottest Chris Hemsworth Haircut Ideas To Try in 2023

Photo of a Barber Giving a Haircut

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) always looks stunning in whatever hairstyle we see on him. We’ve seen him rock dozens of stylish haircuts, from the ones he flaunts in Marvel Studios’ Thor to his everyday look. 

It’s like he has a whole team of hair stylists and barbers waiting to surprise us with one Chris Hemsworth haircut after another. Below are some of his best haircuts and how to get them.

11 Best Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

So, what’s the name of Thor’s haircut? In Thor: Ragnarok, it’s a textured crop, and that’s the style we’ll discuss first.

1. Textured Crop

Some call it the Caesar cut, and Hemsworth styles his textured crop with a taper fade. 

A textured crop isn’t the same as a French crop. The former is a choppy cut that gives you layers and a short fringe, while the latter has hair of the same length and a longer fringe.

2. Long Blonde Hair

Remember his look in The Avengers? The signature hairstyle was long blonde tresses sometimes pulled back into a ponytail with some strands loose at the front. You don’t have to grow long hair for this. Even Thor got blonde hair extensions.

3. Long Fringe

It’s one of my all-time favorites of his hairstyles because it gave him One Direction or Westlife boy band charm. 

4. Spiky Hair

He styles simple, disheveled upward spikes to give more personality and texture to his short hair. The top has long hair with textured, messy spikes, while the shorter hair on the sides is full but neat. Sometimes, when his hair length is almost equal at the top and the sides, he has soft, gentle spikes at the top. You can replicate this simple style by getting a crew cut or high fade and applying gel or pomade.

5. Pointed Fringe

It suited the hot-headed character he played in David Twohy’s A Perfect Getaway. This style may not be a corporate lifestyle, but it might be an option when attending a dress-up party.

6. Side Sweep

There’s everything to love about this haircut because it has a messy outlook, yet it’s slightly formal.

7. Quiff

This style isn’t as flamboyant as a pompadour. However, it has considerable volume at the front to make it stand out, a haircut that Chris Hemsworth pulls off handsomely.

8. Clean Side Sweep

It seems like Thor wants to stay less messy with his hair on some days. Therefore, instead of the side sweep we mentioned earlier, he brushes the strands at the front to the side but out of his face. The outcome is a neat, sleek side sweep. A few strands might escape and fall on his forehead, but well, we don’t mind; he’s Thor.

9. Crew Cut

Remember this look from the Red Dawn and Cabin in the Woods? It was perfect for his role as a former U.S. Marine. He wore the same haircut, although longer, in 12 Strong.

10. Ivy League

Did you know he starred in Ghostbusters (2016)? He played Kevin Beckman, a receptionist. It’s one of the more formal haircuts worn by this actor. The hair was longer on top with a side part.

11. Slick Back

Now this one you can pull off without much help from your barber. Chris Hemsworth’s slick back had a few highlights on top.

How to Make Your Hair Look Like Chris Hemsworth

First, decide on the Chris Hemsworth haircut most suitable for your facial features, hair length, and lifestyle. How much hair maintenance can you handle? 

Get a crew cut if you’d like something simple with no styling required. To make it unique, apply some gel for texture and height.

Personalize the Haircut

Some of Chris Hemsworth’s haircuts, such as the pointed fringe in A Perfect Getaway, are too fancy for a man who likes to keep things simple. Therefore, you can take the same style and make it modern and un-ostentatious. For instance, you can convert such a style into a curly fringe with a low fade or a choppy fringe.

This short video might inspire you to get the haircut he had in Extraction. A textured fringe with a taper fade.

How to Ask for Chris Hemsworth’s Haircut

Show your barber an image because there are over 40 best Chris Hemsworth haircuts. Your barber would require help understanding the particular one you want. 

In addition, some of his styles, such as the side sweep, have a few variations, so you want to be specific.

For example, a simple textured crop can have a taper or skin fade. Therefore, know the options, and ask your barber for the specific one you’d like to try.


What Kind of Fade Does Chris Hemsworth Have?

Chris has a taper fade. It has increasing length from the back to the top, unlike a fade that blends with the skin. Sometimes, he combines a taper fade with an undercut or textured crop at the top. In Extraction, Chris Hemsworth has a high, tight fringe with a taper fade.