What is Jennifer Aniston’s Natural Hair Color?

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This Friends star has everyone confused about her natural hair. Sometimes, she has dark blonde hair. At other times, she has us admiring her balayage.

Jennifer Aniston’s natural hair color is brunette. That was her hair color when she starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the 90s. However, her hair was golden brown then, and two years later, she was rocking deep brown hair color.

That hair color change wasn’t as significant as the one she did during the first season of Friends. She was on our screens, flaunting wavy sun-kissed brown hair.

From then on, she was rocking one blonde hairstyle after another. The only time we’ve seen her as a brunette was when she wore a wig to star in Horrible Bosses

Does Jennifer Aniston Have Real Hair?

Yes, she does. Watching Friends takes you on a hair journey from when she had the classic short Rachel hairstyle in Season 1 to when she cut it shorter in Season 7. Do you know she even dyed it darker in Season 9? By Season 10, she tried a side fringe.

Jennifer Aniston’s natural hair is thick and wavy. Therefore, even with highlights, you can still see the wavy texture.

Although the classic Rachel hairstyle had millions of women getting the same short crop, Jennifer thought it wasn’t the best. She called it ugly. She also felt that the wig bangs she wore while filming We’re the Millers looked like a toupee.


Is Jennifer Aniston a blonde?

She’s blonde, but that’s not her natural hair color. She’s a brunette. You might assume she’s a natural blonde because that’s been her hair color since the late 90s. Plus, her hair is always stylish, whether wavy off the set or straight on the screen. She’s a hair icon and we’re always looking forward to her next hairdo.