Issa Rae Hairstyles that Make Her Our 4C Natural Hair Crush

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Issa did a big chop in 2011, about the same time her comedy series, Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, aired. Therefore, she’d undergone her hair journey on our screens, leaving us with countless natural hair styling ideas. 

Issa Rae hairstyles offer an inspiring mix of faux hawks, braided cornrows, and ponytails.

If you were to try one of her styles weekly, you’d have enough ideas to last you a few years. Here are 11 hairstyles you can try on your 4C hair.

10 Inspiring Issa Rae Hairstyles

1. Faux Hawk with Curly Bangs

It’s a simple yet creative and stylish hairstyle. Any 4C hair queen can pull this off, and it’s an inexpensive style. Plus, the natural hair cornrows allow your hairline to grow. If your natural hair is too short for such an updo, you can go for braided cornrows.

2. Braided Mohawk

The cornrow braids and beads elevate and personalize this style. Further, the braided mohawk blends with her natural hair color seamlessly. It could be a great hairstyle for a party or other casual function.

3. Curly Bun

There’s everything to love about this hairstyle and her face beat. The bun shows off her enviable hairline. Although such a style doesn’t protect your 4C hair, as you have to manipulate your natural tresses and control your edges, it’s an everyday hairstyle you can wear anywhere.

4. Braided Top-knot Ninja Bun

The height and texture of this top-knot bun are remarkable. A bun suits any face shape, and the extra detail on the top knot, whether with a sliver wire, beads, or chopsticks, adds style.

5. Textured Ponytail

The ponytail adds texture and style to the slick back. It’s not as demanding as other styles because you only need to pull your hair back, hold it together with gel or pomade, and add your ponytail. Although it’s not a protective hairstyle, there’s less manipulation once you slick back your hair. Issa’s hairline is just perfect for this hairstyle.

6. Braided Front Updo

For 4C hair, you’ll never go wrong with braids. Issa Rae hairstyles show you many stunning ways to style your braids, and they don’t have to be black-colored braids, either. These honey-dipped braids make the updo chicer.

7. Half Crown Braid

We’ve seen her wearing numerous braid styles, but this is one of her more formal yet simple looks. You can wear this to a boardroom meeting without drawing all the attention to your hair. Further, with the natural hair tucked into the braid, you won’t worry about shrinkage, even in a humid environment.

8. Accessorized Center Part Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the easiest protective hairstyles, and having head-framing cornrows on the side can protect weak edges. This style can be an option when going on a holiday that may have water activities. 

9. Tiny Weeny Afro (TWA) with Cornrows

By now, you know Issa Rae loves cornrows, mohawks, and braids. This style shows that instead of a plain TWA, you can turn it into a mohawk with a gold wire connecting a pair of cornrows. Remove the gold wire for a formal look.

10. High Ponytail

Most of us have tried this style, probably with a black ponytail extension. Try a curly ponytail and fasten it with a braid like Issa. It can also be the same style but in a low ponytail with the curls cascading down your back.

Now, the big question is, how can you get these Issa Rae hairstyles? Here’s an 8-minute hair tutorial that shows you how to style Issa’s top hairstyles at home.


What type of hair does Issa Rae have?

Issa ‘s hair is 4c type. It requires a bit more hydration and styling than other hair types. However, as Issa Rae’s hairstyles prove, 4c hair is versatile when you understand how to care for it.

Who is Issa Rae’s hairstylist?

Issa’s stylist is Felicia Leatherwood, a celebrity stylist famous for her natural hair care skills. In addition to Issa Rae, Felicia has styled Nicole Ari Parker, Ava DuVernay, and Skai Jackson.

Does Issa Rae wear wigs?

Issa wears natural hair. Her hair journey proves the versatility of 4C hair and the limitless ways to style it.