What is the Best Hair to Use for Goddess Braids?

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There are many brands of hair to use for goddess braids.

Goddess braids require two extension hair braids. The first one is the hair you use to braid your natural hair and Kanekalon hair, like Xpression, is a popular choice. The second hair extension forms the wavy tendrils, and you can use human hair like Hesperis or synthetic braids like Fresstress Water Wave and Deep Twist.

Many prefer Kanekalon for braiding their natural hair because it’s inexpensive. Therefore, you can use as many packs as you need. You might use between 5 and 7 packs to braid your natural hair. However, you need one to two packs for the second hair extension, as you’ll only insert them where you want wavy curls.

Let’s discuss this style in detail below.

What are Goddess Braids?

There are different types of goddess braids. They aren’t the same as bohemian braids because they are thicker. You might hear some calling this hairstyle the granny braids. 

The defining feature of this hairstyle is its wavy tendrils of unbraided extension hair when you make box braids. Further, when your goddess braids are cornrows, they are thick, with wavy ends. 

The braiding cost for box goddess braids falls between $280 and $600, although this depends on the stylist, your state, the style, and the length of the braid. 

As such, you might pay about the same amount as getting bohemian locs or faux locs. Box goddess braids between 10 and 14 inches will cost you less than longer ones of over 20 inches. Prepare to be in the salon for 4 to 7 hours for box goddess braids. Cornrows take a shorter time, especially when getting them from an experienced braider.

It’s a protective style that lasts up to 6 weeks, meaning it’s worth the time and money you spend getting it. Another reason why this style is top on the list for many natural hair lovers is how versatile you can style it. Therefore, no matter how many times you braid this style in a year, it’ll always look different. Thirdly, it has an undemanding maintenance process, as you only need to oil your scalp every other day when it feels dry. You could also have a wash routine if you intend to keep your goddess braids for long. 

How to Take Care of Your Hair Before and After Plaiting Goddess Braids

As with any other protective hairstyle, shampoo and condition your natural hair before braid installation. 

Consider investing in a good anti-frizz product to maintain the unbraided curly tendrils of box goddess braids. In addition, get a silk or satin bonnet to wrap your hair to reduce friction at night. Alternatively, ask your stylist to use human hair for the wavy tendrils to avoid tangles and frizz. It doesn’t mean you can’t have neat goddess braids when using synthetic hair. For instance, braids like Freetress Water Wave used for passion twists maintain their curls.

How to Install Goddess Braids

There are so many ways to install goddess braids. You can start with cornrows and then crochet the extension over your natural hair. Instead of braids, you can install goddess braids as thick raised cornrows with curly ends.

Alternatively, you can braid your natural hair and install the extension at the roots with a crochet. 

The other method is braiding the X-Pressions hair with your natural hair and then adding the wavy extension as you go. These can be box or triangle braids. Check out the video below. 

There are many ways to style goddess braids, from having them in a ponytail to an updo. Here are over 40 style ideas.

Unlike protective hairstyles like passion twists you can plait at home, installing goddess braids might have you visiting a stylist because the process is intricate. For instance, you have to be strategic when installing the wavy hair as you braid so that it brings out the curly pattern. Secondly, braiding and installing a second hair extension is demanding for a beginner. Thirdly, if you don’t decide on the number of curls to add to every box braid, you might add too much of the second braiding hair, resulting in a bulky and heavy hairstyle. Lastly, the braiding appointment and supplies for this style are costly. Some even use three types of hair extensions. 


Do you put goddess braids in hot water?

You can immerse the braids and avoid the tendrils because hot water can loosen the wavy pattern. Therefore, separate the curly tendrils from the braids before dipping them in hot water.