What is the Best Hair to Use for Passion Twists?

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The hair to use for passion twists determines how the hairstyle turns out and how long it serves you.

Hair enthusiasts swear by Water Wave synthetic braids and Bohemian Curl, as they have texture, the distinguishing feature between this hairstyle and others like goddess locs, spring, and Senegalese twists. 

Below is a detailed description.

Two Best Brands of Hair to Use for Passion Twists

You can buy extensions for passion twists online, which is much easier as you can compare pictures to get the one suited for the look you have in mind. Additionally, you can compare the prices of extensions from different retailers online. Here are a few features of Water Wave hair and the Bohemian Curl.

1. Water Wave Hair

It comes in six to 8 packs, meaning you can vary your purchase to the number of packets you need. 

In addition, the hair length ranges from 12 to 30 inches, giving hair enthusiasts room for creativity with short and long passion twists. Further, the color variety caters to different people. 

Freetress is one of the more popular Water Wave brands, but there are many more to try.

2. Bohemian Curl

The color and length options are as appealing as the Water Wave braids. The difference is in the texture.

If your hair retailer doesn’t stock these two passion twists braids, ask for crochet braiding hair and compare the texture to find an extension suitable for passion twists.

7 Best Passion Twist Styles

If you loved seeing Keke Palmer rocking passion twists, here are style ideas to make you just as stunning.

1. Cornrows with Passion Twists

Instead of braids, plait cornrows along the front part of the head, then twist them.

2. Extra Long

Braid your passion twists beyond waist length. Such length is versatile, as you can style your passion twists in many ways. 

3. Middle Part

Show off your passion twists with a simple middle part. This style is face-framing. It slims your face perfectly. 

4. Half up, Half down

It pulls the braid off your face, making it a more formal style than when you leave all your braids down. You can wear your passion twists this way daily. It’s a fast, simple style.

5. Multi-tone Passion Twists

Instead of black braids, combine a few colors for a funky look. For instance, mix black with ombre, purple, or burgundy braids.

6. Front Bun Passion Twists

It keeps them off your face; therefore, you can show off your facial features. 

7. Crisscrossed Passion Twists

The intricate pattern at the front makes your passion twists unique.

How to Passion Twist

I love how passion twists can be a simple DIY style for people with basic hair styling skills.

There are many ways of installing passion twists. 

1. French Braid Passion Twists

You can start with about 10 French braids and crochet the passion twists into them. It’s easy if you know how to crochet and prefer that to twisting your edges, but the disadvantage of this method is that the French braid might be visible when you style your passion twists.

2. Crotchet Passion Twists 

Plait your natural hair into mini or box braids, and use a crochet hook to install the passion twist extension. It’s a simple alternative to French braiding. 

3. Rubber Band Passion Twists

If braiding isn’t your cup of tea, there’s another way to get this style, using rubber bands. First, apply some hair oil to the rubber bands to increase elasticity. Braid or plait your natural hair, section it into small parts, and tie rubber bands. The extension goes into the rubber band then you twist it together with your natural hair.

4. Hair Twisting Passion Twists

It uses the traditional twist style that starts with a set of strands. However, it’s not the same as Senegalese twists because the hair used to make passion twists curls so uniquely that the outcome is an irregular twist pattern.

This simple step-by-step guide and the video below will help you DIY stunning passion twists.

You want to start with clean, moistened hair since you’ll wear your passion twists for a while.

You need

  • Edge control
  • A rat-tail comb
  • Braiding hair (extension)

Step 1

Pull out a braid from the new braids, depending on the size of the passion twists you want. To make it fluffy and messy, stretch out the braid from the tips to the middle, leaving the center of the braid connected.

Step 2

Prep enough braids for your head, and you can also mix colors for a unique look. For instance, you can mix blonde with black braids.

Step 3

Part a small section of natural hair that can form a braid.

Step 4

Split the small section into two parts, and apply edge control around it so that you make a neat braid.

Step 5

Lay the passion twist braid in the middle of the sectioned natural hair, one side in each hand.

Step 6

Twist the installation around your natural hair on each side to secure it.

Step 7

Twist the hair on the right hand with the section on the left until it forms a twist pattern. 

Step 8

Pull the twist after every few rounds of twisting to give it a messy look.

Step 9

Apply gel to the ends of the twists to secure them and define the curly pattern.

See how the passion twist creator Kailyn Rogers does it. She’s a hairstylist, and this style came from her search for a unique, beautiful, long-lasting hairstyle.


How many packs of hair do you need for large passion twists?

Between 8 and 12 packs can complete the style. However, it also depends on how full you want the passion twists.

How long does passion twist last on 4c hair?

Passion twists can last about eight weeks to three months. You would have to maintain them properly to look neat that long. There might be a bit of frizz by the ninth week or thereabout. However, you can control this using mousse and wearing a satin or silk bonnet to reduce friction at night.