How Do I Know Which Hair Color Suits Me?

An illustration of various hair colors for women

The answers to which hair color suits me are in a few physical traits and your lifestyle.

Experts say to choose the most suitable hair color, consider features like natural hair color, eye color, and skin tone. They also suggest that the color of your favorite accessories can tell you something about hair color. So, are you a gold or silver kind of person?

We discuss these factors in this article and compare hair colors against eye color, skin tones, and undertones.

How to Choose Hair Color

You’re spoilt for choice as new hair coloring ideas hit the market daily. However, you’re also at risk of getting a hair color you’ll regret. Therefore, the first thing to do is ascertain your eye color, skin tone, and undertone. Of course, you can discern your eye color and skin tone by looking at your picture or the mirror. 

Things get tricky when you attempt to confirm your skin tone and undertone. Here’s an unsophisticated way to do it. 

How to Tell Your Skin Undertone

When we talk about skin undertone, we’re referring to the shade of the natural color under the skin surface. 

Skin undertone is different from skin tone. Further, the shade of the surface of your skin (skin tone) doesn’t control your undertone. Hence, experts propose three undertones: warm, cool, and neutral, regardless of ethnicity and racial background.

Warm undertones are orange, red, and yellow, while cool undertones are pink, purple, and blue. The neutral group is a mix of cool and warm undertones, which allows people with such undertones to wear almost any hair color.

You have most likely done the skin undertone test when buying makeup because understanding the skin undertone helps you choose the best shade. Nevertheless, if you haven’t done this before, here’s how to assess your skin undertone. 

1. Check Your Veins

You most likely have a cool undertone if your wrist veins appear purplish or bluish. On the other hand, if they’re green, you may have a warm undertone. If you can’t tell the difference because your veins appear bluish-greenish or purplish, your undertone is in the middle; therefore, it may be a neutral undertone. 

2. Assess Your Jewelry Color

Your jewelry might also be a good indicator of the most suitable hair color. As such, look at your jewelry and see whether you have more gold or silver accessories. If gold looks good on you, you may have a warm undertone. On the other hand, your preference for silver jewelry can suggest you have a cool undertone, and that’s why silver suits you.

Here are hair color ideas for different eye colors, skin tones, and undertones to help you narrow your search to the most suitable colors.

Is There an App to See Which Hair Color Suits Me?

Yes, there are many apps to test different hair colors, including the following. They ask you to upload a selfie and juxtaposition your traits and characteristics with various hair colors. As such, you can use an app to explore the hair colors suggested above. Here are two popular apps.

1. YouCam Makeup

The one that everyone seems to talk about is YouCam Makeup. It has over 3 million views and a 4.2 rating. Since it’s a makeup and beauty app, it lets you play with hair color and makeup. The range of hair colors is resourceful, ranging from brunette to black, red platinum, and rainbow. As such, it gives you quite a variety to explore so that by the time you go to the store, you are already aware of the outcome, so you don’t mess up your hair. Another plus is that it’s available for both iOS and Android users. 

2. Makeup Plus

If the app above doesn’t have the hair color filters you are looking for, try Makeup Plus, which is also accessible to iOS and Android users. This one doesn’t have as many reviews as the YouCam Makeup app. However, over 800,000 reviews are enough to conceptualize the experience. It has a 4.2 rating.


Most online companies dealing in hair color have a comprehensive quiz to define your hair coloring goals. They also ask about your hair type and other physical features that affect hair color choice. I’d start with such tests before going to the store. The second pick is using a hair color app to simulate hair dye on your selfie. Guided by the comprehensive infographics and video above, you can select the most flattering hair color.