15 Best Kitenge Designs for Long Dresses

Fashion Hacks / Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Kitenge designs for long dresses come in all manner of side slits and figure hugging skirts.  Dresses below the knee serve you longer especially if you anticipate some body changes especially after having a baby. In fact, your long dresses can serve as maternity wear too if they have an allowance for a baby bump.

You want to look good, right? Well, any type of African print fabric whether its dashiki, kitenge or Ankara can give you a perfect long dress. There’s nothing like too much colour because kitenge is all about that colour pop.

Long kitenge dresses seem to be a favourite for family gatherings and weddings. However, you can also wear long kitenge dresses to formal events as long as they are tailored nicely to accentuate your best features.

Kitenge designs for long dresses with side slits are the in thing.  For leg day, pull out one of your long Ankara dresses and pair it with heels and a headscarf.  A belt wouldn’t hurt too, but let it work with the fabric not against it. Some designs dive towards the mid-chest area serving some cleavage too.  Flaunt it!

Your choice of ankara dress design depends with your best feature and the size of fabric available too.  To flaunt those African curves and snatched waistline, here are a few kitenge designs for long dresses.

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