Can You Reuse Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs have a sheer lace panel along the front that mimics the appearance of a natural hairline. So, can you reuse lace front wigs?

Yes, lace front wigs can be reused when you care and maintain them properly. High-quality lace front wigs tend to last longer, and regular cleaning, detangling, and styling can help maintain their condition.

Below, we explore the factors influencing a lace front wig’s longevity and provide tips to maximize its reusability.

What Makes Some Lace Front Wigs More Durable?

Several factors influence how many times you can reuse a lace front wig:

Wig Quality

High-quality lace front wigs have durable materials that can withstand multiple uses. On top of that, they’re less prone to tangling, shedding, and other signs of wear and tear.

Wig Care and Maintenance

Regular cleaning, detangling, and styling can help maintain your wig’s condition and appearance. Neglecting these aspects can significantly reduce its reusability.

Usage Frequency

Wearing it daily or for extended periods can lead to more rapid wear and tear than occasional use. Additionally, it gives your natural hair and scalp breaks to avoid potential damage.

Care Tips to Maintain Your Lace Front Wig

Increasing the longevity of a lace front wig requires proper care and maintenance. Here’s a detailed guide on proper wig maintenance:

Handling the Wig

Always handle the wig gently. Avoid excessive tugging, stretching, or pulling on the hair, lace, or cap. On top of that, use a wig stand or a wig hanger to store the wig when you’re not wearing it.

Cleaning and Washing

How often you clean the wig depends on your usage, but generally, you should wash it every 10-15 wears. Further, use a wig shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for synthetic or human hair wigs, depending on your wig’s material. Do not wring or twist the hair, as this can damage it.


Use a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush to detangle the hair while it’s wet, starting from the tips and working your way up to the base. Be gentle to avoid hair breakage.


Avoid excessive heat on synthetic wigs, as it can damage the fibers. If your wig is heat-resistant, use low heat settings on styling tools. When heat styling is necessary, apply a heat protectant to the fibers.


When not in use, store your lace front wig on a wig stand or a wig hanger to maintain its shape and prevent tangling. Additionally, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight so that it doesn’t fade or damage. Remember, excessive moisture can cause frizz and tangling.


Lace front wigs can be used multiple times, depending on their quality, care, and how frequently you wear them. You can wear high-quality lace front wigs dozens of times if properly maintained. However, the number of uses may decrease if you don’t take good care of the wig or if it’s of lower-quality materials.

Popular Questions about Lace Front Wigs

How long can lace front wigs be worn?

Lace front wigs are designed to be worn for several weeks. Nevertheless, the duration depends on the adhesive used, your scalp’s sensitivity, and your comfort. Some people can wear them for up to 4-6 weeks before needing to remove and reapply the wig. However, give your scalp breaks to allow it to breathe and prevent skin irritation.

How do you remove a lace front from a wig?

To remove a lace front wig, secure your natural hair away from your face. Apply a lace adhesive solvent or remover to the edges of the lace where it’s attached to your skin and wait for the adhesive to soften. Then, gently lift the lace away from your skin, starting from one side and working your way around.

Can you take a lace front wig off at night?

Yes, you can take a lace front wig off at night. It allows your scalp to breathe, prevents potential skin irritation, and allows you to properly care for and maintain the wig. Many people remove their lace front wigs before bedtime and reattach them in the morning.