How to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

The most prominent businesses in the world right now, such as Alibaba and AirBnB, do not have inventory. Why burden yourself financially, shipping or manufacturing products when you can make a profit leading customers to somebody else’s store? Start earning as an affiliate marketer in Kenya. Promote products or services on a personal platform like a blog and earn a commission for every lead or sale.

In almost all affiliate marketing programs in Kenya, you can use your social media accounts, a blog or a website. It could be a self-hosted or a blog on a free blogging platform like Blogger. The crucial element in your promotional message is an affiliate link (tracking code) that a reader follows to the point of purchase online (the merchant).

Each affiliate marketer has a unique link, for each product available in the affiliate marketing program. As a result, the merchant calculates your commission based on the traffic generated from your unique tracking codes.

There are various forms of commissions earned from affiliate marketing programs in Kenya. Some merchants pay per click from your website or blog, while other merchants pay for each new user who registers on the website. There are also merchants who pay for each complete transaction a user makes after following your affiliate link.

The difference in these terms and conditions dictate how much you earn and the amount of work needed to earn a decent commission. Of course, the best affiliate marketing programs are the ones that pay for clicks but these are hard to come by, and are plagued by scams (remember Public Likes?).

How to Get Affiliate Marketing Opportunities in Kenya

Check the footer links of the main online shopping websites in Kenya.  On the affiliate marketing program page, search for a link to the terms and conditions of the website’s affiliate marketing program.  If you never read the T&Cs when shopping online, the T&C of affiliate marketing programs in Kenya ought to be your first because you won’t have a legal case if you misunderstood the website’s commission terms.

Online marketplaces in Kenya investing millions in brand awareness and website infrastructure have the best affiliate marketing programs.  It will take you less time to promote a popular brand than it would take talking about a new online marketplace.

Users don’t trust links and if you want them to click, you must convince them the brand or the product is worth the effort. Therefore, don’t waste time joining programs of websites with slow loading speed, problematic shopping cart processes, etc.

When you sign up on an affiliate marketing website, you are led to a dashboard (admin panel) with categories of affiliate programs, types of ads and tools to help you track your commissions and clicks.

Two of the top programs to scrutinise as you look for a suitable program are Jumia and KiliMall. They have thousands of products and categories, they invest in building the brand, and their affiliate marketing programs have been around for a while.

How to make it Work

Affiliate marketing is hard work.  It takes months to years to make anything from all your effort. Consequently,

  • Use multiple marketing platforms

Promote affiliate products on Facebook, use Twitter and create a free Blogger account. Do as much as possible with limited resources. Publish marketing content at least once a day, and always remember to add the affiliate link (URL).

  • Reach out to friends and family

Persuade friends and family members to buy from the store you are promoting. Reach out to them by phone or through direct messages online. Direct them to your social media page or blog so they can follow the affiliate link. Disclose to them that you are getting a commission once they click to visit the website.

Marketing to friends is more effective than attempting SEO to have your blog appear on the top page of the search for a specific product. SEO takes a long time, and a lot of work, but your friends are an SMS away.

  • Choose products you can promote easily

In the fashion and beauty category, choose brands that are popular or items that have general specifications. For instance, direct your audience to a page dedicated to formal dresses as opposed to a link pointing to one specific dress. That way, users have a wider selection.

Affiliate marketing takes time. However, when you have a sizeable audience, you can live off affiliate programs for years.

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