How to Prevent Lipstick on Teeth

Fashion Hacks / Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Worse than having lipstick on a cup is staining teeth. Here are a few quick tips to keep your teeth white and lips red/pink etc.

  • Blot excess lipstick

Fold a facial tissue or a paper handkerchief and press it lightly over your lips.

  • Do not bite your lips

Girl, you smudge lipstick on your teeth when you bite your lips. It is time to stop this habit.

  • Get matte lipstick if you cannot help but stain your lips

Matte finish lipstick is non-glossy and it lasts longer.

  • After applying lipstick, smile and look at your teeth

It will save you the embarrassment of smiling with lipstick on teeth.

  • The finger test

Slip a clean index finger into your mouth, pucker your lips and slowly draw the finger out, along with the excess lipstick on the inner side of your lips.

  • Use the correct lipstick application process

Exfoliate, use a lip liner, blot after every layer etc. You will not have lipstick on teeth, and the lipstick will hold and stay on lips longer.

  • Buy quality lipstick

Avoid cakey lipstick because the particles are bound to rest somewhere, probably on your teeth. Before buying lipstick, read reviews to know what other women have to say about a particular brand. Shop where you have a variety of brands. Online shopping gives you a wide range of brands, and you can read reviews before you buy.

  • Good dental hygiene

Brush your teeth well, regularly. Lipstick clings to plaque and other oral buildup.

If the tips don’t work, let’s get back to the drawing, find a solution and just keep lipstick off our teeth, and coffee mugs.

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