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4 Secrets to Choosing the Best Lipstick

I am sure there are many people, like me, who rush to the cosmetics store to buy tubes of recently released lipstick only to realise it looks horrible on them yet splendid on their friends. So how do you choose the best lipstick?

  1. Know your undertone and skin tone.

The undertone never changes, and it can be warm, cool or neutral. Your skin tone on the other hand changes due to many factors such as acne. These two factors determine the best colors for you.

  1. Complement the color of your eyes

Lipstick emphasises the natural color of your eyes.  Test the shades chosen and find out which one is appropriate for you.

  1. Know what effect you want

Some shades may change the look of our lips by making them appear fuller while others perfectly match our lips.

  1. Check the ingredients

The ingredients can either be manufactured, or organic hence suitable for people with sensitive skin. The difference is the smoothness during application, and of course the price.

Now the next time you go to a cosmetics store, I hope you will go home with lipstick you will love.


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