Why Start a Fashion Business Online?

If you are not yet convinced that you can start and manage a fashion business online in Kenya, these five points will convince you to start your entrepreneurial journey on the World Wide Web.

  • Low operation cost

Rent is the biggest expense for any small business in Kenya. Some landlords demand two months’ rent and two months deposit when you move into the premise. Online, your house is your business premise. Working from home also lets you test your business idea before you pour more thousands of Shillings into your investment. For instance, marketing through friends and family members lets you gather feedback about your products and the online shopping process. From such feedback, you mesh any loopholes that may affect your business in the mass market.

  • Larger geographical reach

The world is a global village. Through paid campaigns, you can reach the entire world, if you must. A paid campaign takes a few minutes to set up, and its effect is immediate, when you target the right audience with the right message.

  • Audience segmentation

Through targetted ad campaigns and organic(free) messages, your brand will be a market leader in your segment. Online market segmentation can be geographical, related to the language of preference, the economic status, the age-group or the product line. If you decide to expand or narrow your audience further, it will be easier than in a land-based store. For instance, if you were targeting Nairobi residents only, you can expand your reach through ad campaigns but if you were running a physical store, you would need to open branches in all other towns you wish to target.

  • There’s no limit to how much you can make

It is a World Wide Web of opportunities. Your income depends on your marketing efforts and the quality of your product/service. Your income is not bound by location because online, you have a larger audience to influence.

  • Work from anywhere, anytime

Work during the day, at night, over the weekends, at midnight… Nevertheless, you must be disciplined to avoid distractions when working from home.
Why haven’t you started your online business yet?

What do you think?

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