Over 30 Unusual Handbags Designs: Would you Carry These?

When shopping, you must have come across unique, unusual handbags that are either too creative for the conservative office environment or too aesthetic to be functional. Sometimes, such novelty handbags mimic traditional handbag designs. For instance, you might come across a barrel bag curved out of drum or a flower pot bucket bag.

Most quirky, unusual handbags are upcycling projects. If we can find ways to reuse most of the items we have accumulated in our houses, the world would be greener, longer. Maybe, upcyling such items is the direction the industry will take in a few years’ time when traditional materials are depleted or scarce.

Famous fashion events around the world display their collection of unique designer bags, and the streets have their kind of crazy wild designs too. The fashion events focus on classy materials like leather with embellishments that guarantee a good price for the item in the market. On the other hand, street style is about creativity not so much about profits.

Unique handbags resembling burgers and sandwiches may not be in every fashion lover’s shopping cart but the creativity injected into these designs is worth it. So far, I haven’t seen a handbag with the design of a mouse or a cockroach. Designers seem to get inspiration from lovable animals and situations. I have seen a dog-inspired clutch, a fish cross body bag as well as a baking tray clutch.

The occasions to carry such unique handbags are of course casual gatherings that have fellow fashion conscious participants. School can be another place to take these creative vibes. The office is perhaps the last place to rock novelty handbags unless it’s a creative den with an informal dress code. In addition, these crazy designs come in all colour and shades that need careful consideration of outfits to match and complement rather than clash.

Check out these handbag designs.

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