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Oversized Sweater: 10 Awesome Looks

You’ve probably not thought about adding some oversized sweaters to your winter-in-Nairobi wardrobe, but this fashion piece will show you how to style oversized sweater dresses and cardigans.

First, what would you like to wear the oversized sweater with? Knits are great with anything and everything. Wear an oversize sweater with a pair of jeans or a skirt and you’ll still look fab.

Since an oversized sweater is already overwhelming, find bottom wear that hugs your curves and a pair of shoes that adds some inches to your frame.

Here are a few looks that make oversized sweaters absolute winners during the cold months.

When you buy an oversized sweater that’s just purl and knit without much creativity in the design, add a slit from the waist down and you have something as appealing as this.

From Pinterest

A really oversized sweater dress needs some more creative vibes, such as wearing a pair of boots instead of heels.

A little tuck on the side of your oversized turtleneck sweater and an off-shoulder angle are perfect.

Alternatively, tuck it all the way in the middle.

Who says knits and skirts are boring?

From Pinterest

Rip it until it makes a fashion statement.

From Pinterest

You see that chunky oversized cardigan in your brother’s, hubby’s or boyfriend’s wardrobe, it could make one fine outfit.

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