Over 100 Natural Hairstyles for you to Try

We are done with perms, and we’ve moved to natural hair permanently! The next activity is finding dozens of new natural hairstyles so we have ideas to last us a lifetime. In this article, we look at how you can comb or braid your natural hair. Dreadlock styles are in another article that list over 100 hairstyles.

Natural Hairstyles for Long Hair

We worry about length, then our hair grows and we have no idea how to style long natural hair. One of the most searched for phrase is ‘natural hair bun ideas’ because that’s like everything we know about styling long hair. Here are a few photos to show other ways to style your long natural tresses.

Natural Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

So, it’s a few months after your big chop and your hair is a several inches long. Medium length natural hair is a whole mood. Here are a few styles to help you tame that medium length growth that is misbehaving.

Best Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

African hair is beautiful but it’s got its share of trouble. If you are in the group whose hair takes a few years of scalp massages and a bucketful of natural oil before there is considerable growth, natural hairstyles for short hair come in handy.There’s another group of ladies who prefer their hair short. They never worry about length and they always look stylish in short natural hair. Another group of ladies are transitioning from days of perms and curls to natural hair. For such ladies, after the big chop, comes the headache of styling short hair.

If you’re in any of the three groups, you might have come across phrases like finger coils, twists, puffs, fauxhawks and protective styling when looking for hairstyles for your short natural hair. Well, all of these phrases refer to the most popular natural hairstyles for short hair the world over. Styling natural hair at home is the worst experience when you have no idea what you’re doing.  Therefore, get a few ideas here that you can try every morning, and a few more that you can show your hair stylist on your next hair appointment.

Very Short Natural Hairstyles

If your inches are below what we would call short hair, how do you style it? You’ve seen how Margret Kenyatta and so many other influential women in East Africa do it. Well, the styles below are for very short natural hair.

Quick braiding Styles for Natural Hair & Cornrow Styles

Braiding lets your hair grow without the stress of combing and styling. Quick braiding styles for natural hair also let you look fab when humidity wishes you the opposite.  Who wants to wake up to tangled natural hair while exploring the beautiful sandy beaches of Kenya?

Additionally, braiding natural hair lets you stay away from chemical treatments and other harsh procedures in the hope of having some control over the texture of African hair. When it’s cold and wet in Kenya, during the two wet seasons, braid your hair. It is much better because of the unexpected showers that almost always happen when you are out of the house.

Another interesting fact about braiding natural hair is the wide range of styling options. There are braiding styles that take almost five hours, unless you are at Kenyatta Market with a few pairs of hands working on your head. Quick braiding styles for natural hair also reduce the amount of time you spend at the salon, and the number of braids you get on your head. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stylish Natural Hairstyles for Kids

Girls rocking long natural hair look fabulous. Ignore opinion that suggests it is impossible to take care of your girl’s hair. You can do it, at home.  You only need to invest time and the right hair products for her scalp. As her hair is growing, try natural hairstyles for kids with short hair.

In fact, most of the natural hairstyles for girls are actually styles that would look great on you too. For instance, Bantu knots are a popular style for short natural hair. The only difference when styling your girl is that you can get as creative as you want with colourful beads and fancy extensions.

You can do much more than just combing your little girl’s hair into a ponytail. Whether your girl’s got an afro or hair that’s a few inches long, there are so many easy natural hairstyles for girls. Get ideas below.

Best Natural Hairstyle Pinterest Boards to Follow ASAP

Pinterest is the go-to platform for décor and fashion ideas. I’ve been on it since 2012, pinning African dresses, home décor and… humour. Yes, this girl loves a good laugh. Pinterest is navigable. Once you create an account, you have access to millions of boards, and you can create your boards Asap!

Once on the site, select the topics to follow to minimize content on your dashboard, but that is almost automatic because platform’s AI (Artificial intelligence) creates a map of your interests and recent pins.

For natural hairstyle Pinterest boards, first, create a board. Then, use the search bar to find pins under this topic. You can split your pins into natural hair protective styles, natural hairstyles for medium length, etc.

To get you started, here is a comprehensive list of the best natural hairstyle Pinterest Boards to follow today.

Heavenly Hair by Nicole


  • Hair ideas for all lengths. Simple board with excellent photos of natural hairstyles.

What Naturals Love


  • Split into 6 sections.  Contains lovely braids, afro and hair extension styles. You’ll also see head wraps and twist outs.

Natural Hair Mag


Photos of afros, braids, twist outs, faux locs and more.

Caring for Natural Hair


  • Your go-to board for all ideas about styling short natural hair. This is where you start your journey as a naturalista. I bet you will look great with most of those hairstyles.

Melissa Erial


  • Hairstyles for short, medium and long hair on one board. It also has interesting styles for girls and brides.

Best Natural Hair YouTube Channels

What makes great natural hairstyle vlogs? What do you look for when browsing natural hair YouTube Channels? Personally, I connect with hair vloggers with a broad range of hairstyles to show. However I don’t mind watching videos that focus on one style only since I am a dreadlocked queen.

Some natural hair vloggers help us find the best hair products in the market. They review the top selling brands, and also let us know when there are discounts and giveaways from top brands.

There’s another group of natural hair YouTube channels that are all about how-to tutorials. These are great when you transition, such as from chemically treated hair to natural hair. Personally, I learnt how to lock my hair online. Hair vlogs also give solutions to problems like dandruff.

The most popular range of natural hairstyle vlogs are the ones that show day-by-day growth. I love to see these ones. You watch a vlogger’s journey after the big chop. With at least one video every month, such channels motivate us to continue with our natural hair journey by focusing on the little gains in length. Here are some of my best natural hair YouTube channels. They are in no particular order.

Raquel Malatole – 22.1k subscribers

Her videos are educative but also entertaining for those of us who haven’t forgotten how to laugh despite the number of combs our afros have broken. Check out her video on using rice water for hair growth.

Sheila Ndinda – 77.8k subscribers

Sheila reviews various products, uploads tutorial videos and much more. I loved the faux curly bangs and bun video.

Tatenda – 34.2k subscribers

What I love most about her channel is the mix of fun things to do with natural hair such as getting some box braids. One of her top videos is a washing routine for 4C hair.

Michelle Anyango – subscribers (hidden)

Michelle’s channel has it all – box braids tutorials, crotchet hairstyles, natural hair routine, naturals festival vlogs and more. One highly recommended video is the wash and go tutorial.

Adanna Madueke – 249k subscribers

She talks about gels for natural hair, protective styles, box braids and more. One of her top videos, with over 1m views, is a tutorial about styling a high puff for 4C short hair.

 Jade Ymanii Robinson – subscribers (hidden)

Jade talks about taking care of short and curly natural hair, getting some goddess box braids… Her short box braid tutorial has over 1.4 million views. Go see!

DisIsReyRey – 88.7k subscribers

Her videos include how to turn an afro into a curly look, trimming ends, and quick hairstyles to try at home. My favourite is wash and go routine video that has over 2 million views already. She will make you love your natural hair.

Vivianatz – 77.4k subscribers

I love her authentic Swahili language. She is one of the few Swahili natural hairstyle vlogs (hoping there are other Tanzanian natural hair YouTube channels). There’s a video on Nziga style and hakuna matata style. Find out how these styles look on her channel.

She has unique content, such as a tutorial on afro baby weave, head wraps and how to crotchet natural hair.

Idee Francis – 72.2k subscribers

Her tutorial on using ginger and onion for hair growth has over 1.4 million views. Find out if the two ingredients actually work.

Which other natural hairstyle vlogs do you love, and can add to my list?

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    I love changing my hairstyles because it always gives me a new look and new style. Am not a barber, but I have worked with one who focused on giving good and classic hairstyles. I even try to create some of my own and makes people and myself look Good. I have designed a lot of interesting hairstyles for some people myself and they really appreciate it.

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