Over 40 Men’s African Shirts Designs for You

Fashion Hacks / Thursday, September 12th, 2019

A few years ago, almost every man attending a wedding in Kenya wore a pair of jeans.  They were often ugly, faded pairs. You’d see men strolling into the venue, behind their smartly dressed wives, looking like watching a game was more entertaining than attending some love-infused gathering.

Maybe there are still such elements attending weddings here and there, but the situation has changed. You’ll see trendy African wear and Western-style suits in most weddings.

Men’s kitenge shirts are simple, often with kitenge accents around the pockets and the collar only. If it’s a full kitenge shirt, it will have a plain coloured pair of trousers.

If Ankara suits for guys are not your style, break them up with jeans or khaki pants.  African print hoodies and T-shirts too can be great additions to your casual Friday and weekend wear.

For authentic African wear, think about Western African Ankara suits for guys. You may also look for etibo wear from shops dealing in kitenge shirts in Nairobi.

Here are a few designs to guide your next bespoke Ankara shirt or suit. If you are a lady shopping for your man, this ought to inspire you to get him a fabric that suits him, and have it tailored to his taste.