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Makeup Holder Ideas for your next DIY

Makeup holder cups are perhaps what most ladies have on their dressing tables. These organisers don’t take up much space, and each cup can hold at least five brushes. However, makeup holder cups are perfect for brushes only so you’d have to get something else to hold your foundations, mascara, lip gloss etc. A good makeup organizer for brushes needs a firm base because anything else will topple over, and have you picking up brushes from under your bed.

That’s when a complete makeup organizer becomes a necessity, with tiers or compartments of sorts to organise makeup and applicators.  In addition to neat storage setups, these organisers also show you what you have stashed in piles and what applicators or cosmetic products you need to buy. When you organise, you might be surprised to find some expired products that have been at the bottom of your makeup heap for months.

Some of the ideas in the photos on here are DIY makeup holder ideas any DIY queen can hack with just glitter and a permanent marker. That broken cup, the one you cannot imagine throwing into the bin, can make a great cup to hold your brushes.

Items to use for a homemade makeup holder include mugs, glass jars, pestles, ice cube trays. If you have dozens of brushes, convert a kitchen tray into a makeup organizer.  

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