Kitenge Shorts: 14 Best Ankara Shorts for Ladies

Fashion Hacks / Monday, August 5th, 2019

Kitenge shorts are stylish. It doesn’t matter whether you are petite or plus size. All you need is a good tailor who understands your curves and is ready to accentuate them.

Kitenge shorts can be a two piece set or a romper. To avoid plain looking rompers, have some fancy detail around the waist or add a belt. Two piece Ankara shorts let you get creative with the top. Additionally, you can mix and match the tops and shorts with other outfits.

What do you do about the nagging cellulite on your thighs? Get longer shorts or wear less fitting Ankara shorts that won’t tug at the hem. However, everybody has flaws. It will also prompt you to work out so you can show off those thighs in Ankara shorts once in a while.

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