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Over 50 Stylish Kitenge Designs for Couples

Kitenge designs for couples never go out of style. Well, some couples swear they’d never be caught matching outfits, but there are some who pull it off stylishly and confidently.

I’d have to agree that West Africa leads when it comes to African traditional outfits for couples.  They put some time and thought into their choice of fabric and how each partner’s outfit complements the other.

So, you and bae have thought about matching outfits? What do you have in mind? It would make sense to design something you can wear even after the occasion.

You could wear African print attire (full), or mix African prints with Western wear.

  • The man can wear an African print shirt with a pair of khaki trousers while the lady is in a kitenge dress.
  • Both of you can wear African print tops/bottom wear and mix it with something else.
  • Both of you can wear full kitenge designs including Ankara inspired shoes.

After you’ve decided how far you are willing to go with matching Ankara outfits, get a kitenge fabric, a design and a tailor.

If you are looking for couple matching outfits for weddings and other informal occasions, here’s some inspo.

What do you think?

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