How to Increase Facebook Likes on your Business Page

Each new like on your business page draws you closer to your marketing goal. With each new like, you gain another potential client or brand ambassador. When you created your page, you obviously had high hopes about how fast you would tell everyone about your brand, gain thousands of page likes, and convert these users.

However, a week or two after creating your Facebook business page, you asked all your friends to like it, and there was no one else to invite. Now, nobody comments or likes your posts and it feels like your Facebook page is a vacuum and there’s just you in it.

Well, millions of businesses have been in a similar situation, and what they did next proved their resilience. Here are a few of the top rated strategies that increase Facebook page likes.

1. Diversify your content
When you walk along some streets in the downtown area of Nairobi, there’s always that guy at the door of a restaurant or shop ringing a bell or whistling to catch your attention and invite you inside. When you walk past the same guy later in the day, he rings the annoying bell again and assumes he hadn’t informed you about the offer earlier. That’s what you have been doing with your posts.

You publish so many sales posts that your followers scroll down very fast to look for more exciting content.

Let’s say you sell dresses, and you have about 1,000 page likes already. On Monday, you post pictures of your new stock. The dresses are between size 8-12 and the price is between KSh1,000 and KSh 2,500. It means, if any of your 1000 followers is not in that size bracket, or cannot afford a dress within that price range, he/she shouldn’t bother reading the post. However, when you post something else during the day, such as an inspirational quote, a funny video or a meme, there’s interaction between the page and the audience that wasn’t interested in the sales post.

Diversify your content. The basic rule is 80/20. It means your content should be 80% engagement and 20% sales. Engage your audience with content that elicits various emotions and is sufficiently interesting to share with their friends.

Once in a while, narrate an experience about your business on your personal account, and link your business page. It could be an inspirational tale about how your business flopped but you revived it or how you struggled to raise capital. Your friends will read, share, comment and maybe like your page.

To understand the diversity of content, visit the Kenya Commercial Bank Facebook page for inspiration.

2. Don’t pay for likes
Never pay to boost the number of likes on your page. When you pay to get more Facebook page likes, despite narrowing the target audience by age and interests, they start unliking the page as soon as the campaign is over. Almost all likers in a campaign click the like button but they don’t visit the page first to know what it is about.

On the other hand, when you advertise a single item for sale, instead of advertising your page, it brings hundreds of comments, more post likes, and a few page likes. Advertising for conversion generates a variety of reactions, and interest, unlike paying to gain likes only.

There are also unscrupulous ways of gaining likes though auto likers. I like to call such likers ghosts. They like a page to get paid for the like or to get you to like their page (like exchange). Such Facebook likers never convert into clients, and they never comment on your page. They are just there.

3. Create a great Facebook business page
From this list of the top Facebook pages of stores in Kenya, a few pages with over 40,000 likes are missing because this article only lists pages with the most likes, and clear location information. Essentially, a good page has a complete profile. It should have a description of the products/services in the About Us section and contact information including directions to the land-based store.

Though online shopping in Kenya is growing rapidly, there are still so many loopholes and a complete profile boosts credibility. Credibility encourages more people to share what they find with their friends. They see your posts, tag friends and make your name grow.

4. Run a monthly sale
Every month, run a sale to clear old stock. Talk about it in advance on your page, and possibly pay to promote it through influential people in the industry (influencer marketing) and through media. Make it a regular event so that online shoppers visit your page every month for updates about an upcoming sale. Use the events feature on your Facebook page to list all upcoming sales. Indicate the location, the items on sales, and the prices/discounts. Share the event on your personal profile and tag your friends.

5. Run contests
Contests and giveaways boost brand awareness. It shouldn’t be a complicated contest where you must call in a panel of judges. It could be a trivia about newsworthy event or about your industry. To make it more exciting and gain page likes fast, the contest should involve a task that your audience must engage their friends. For example, you could ask your audience to share a picture and ask their friends to like it.

6. Network by attending events
There are so many fashion events happening in Kenya all year round, such as the Nairobi Fashion Week and Fashion High Tea. Attend these events to mingle with the stakeholders and fashion enthusiasts. Sponsor events like Kenya Plus Size Fashion Weekend to get a mention in the list of partners.

There are also dozens of festivals that you could join as an exhibitor, such as The Koroga Festival. In such avenues, talk about your products, sell, and request booth visitors to like your page on Facebook.

7. Join groups of like-minded entrepreneurs
Contribute to discussions in groups of entrepreneurs and buyers in your industry. As you offer tips or discuss challenges you are facing in the business, someone will ask you what you do and that will be one more page like earned.

8. Take care of your customers
Customers use the review feature on Facebook pages to rate their experience. If you never reply to comments, if have rude staff in your land-based store or your phone etiquette is questionable, customers will leave nasty reviews. Customer experience affects the number of new likes generated from friend invites. When your rudeness offends a customer, you lose several referrals you would have acquired at no cost. You might spend a lot of time increasing Facebook page likes while poor customer service is undoing all your effort.

9. Post in Facebook marketplace groups
Unlike groups of entrepreneurs, marketplaces have sales content only. Hence, post items for sale, and in the ad, tell your audience to visit your page for more details. If the marketplace doesn’t allow you to share a post from your page, write a fresh post in the marketplace, copy and add the ID of your page so that an except (snippet) of the page appears.

Select marketplaces that are relevant to your products or location. Some of the top general Facebook marketplaces in Kenya:
• Kilimani Mums Marketplace – 545,000 members
• Kilimani Mums (KMU) Marketplace – 248,000 members
• Glam my Home Marketplace – 39,000 members
• Tricia’s Natural’s Marketplace – 40,000 members

10. Take advantage of important developments in your business to trend
For example, when you launch a new product line or open a new branch, preach the achievement to the masses. Celebrate such achievements through an office party or a media briefing and share it on your page.

For new beauty products, issue a discount code so your audience can sample your products. For a fashion store, you could make a simple post about the arrival of new stock.

Do not give up on your Facebook page yet. Use these 10 ideas to increase Faceook likes on your business page.

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