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How to wear Culottes and Look Fab

Culottes are knee length (or above the ankle) trousers with wide legs almost resembling a skirt. With the weather so unpredictable, highs reaching 36° in some parts of the country, culottes are your solution for those extremely hot days.

Culottes are trendy but you need to think about you wear them and with what or your look can jump from fabulous to trashy in seconds. Find out how to wear culottes to make these divided skirts or rather, three-quarter trousers, look stylish.

How to Wear Culottes with Different Tops
Match the width of culottes by wearing structured tops. For slim waist culottes, tuck the top in to accentuate the waist line. This makes culottes exceptionally fashionable for plus size ladies. If you like, show off your slim waistline.

If the culottes feel baggy, tuck in the front of your top and leave the back hanging loose. When wearing culottes to the office, you can add a blazer for a formal look.

How to Wear Culottes and Accessorise Appropriately
A statement cross-body bag can hide a dropped crotch. You can still rock dropped crotch culottes by taking attention away from the waist area to your top or legs.

How to Wear Culottes and Choose Footwear Wisely
Your shoes should work with the rest of the ensemble. Show off your legs with a pair of heels or ankle boots, which essentially lengths them. If the outfit shows a very boyish look, brogues will be perfect.

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