How to Start a Fashion Blog

To communicate on the internet, you need a platform on which to inform, sell or interact with internet users. Hence, you need a website or a blog. In addition to the basics, such as understanding your audience, your search for tips about how to start a fashion blog should also include finding facts about the website design and development process.

Since you want to invest wholly, choose a self-hosted blog as opposed to a running your blog on a free blogging platform like Blogger. A unique website design will draw new users to your blog through referrals from existing customers, and it will also be easy to maintain because you can find your way around the admin panel.

Blogging is competitive. If you do not enter this field knowing what you want to do, and how, you will be lost in the noise. You will be competing against established brands that the market loves. Therefore, your ultimate goal will be to find a team of loyal customers who will always look forward to your next blog post.

The five most important steps towards getting your fashion blog up:

  1. Choose a domain
  2. Get web hosting
  3. Get website design services
  4. Search engine optimisation
  5. Content creation

What is a Domain?

A domain is the online address that your audience will use to locate your fashion blog. Each blog/website has a unique domain, and this represents the exact location of the website on the internet. Instead of memorizing IP addresses and using these to locate web pages, a domain name makes it easy for people to search for a web page, and leaves the translation of domain name to find the numerical address (IP address) to the DNS (Domain Name System). Each domain name consists of a top level domain(to the right of the dot) and a second level domain, to the left of the dot.

When choosing a domain name:

  • Short is better because it is memorable
  • Short is better because it is less prone to grammatical errors
  • Avoid generic names because they say little about your brand
  • Use your name if it is a personal blog (it has worked for thousands of fashion bloggers)
  • Use a keyword that says something about your blog, if possible
  • Avoid hyphens because only a few internet users will remember
  • Use the name that corresponds with the name in your advertising plan. or .com? The Best Extension for your Blog

To target your Kenyan audience, a extension is ideal. However, for international appeal, get a .com extension. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya’s report for January to March 2016, the number of domains registered increased from over 47, 000 in December 2015 to over 53, 000 in March 2016. There are several schools of thought as to which extension is most appropriate and it seems more companies are opting for a domain in Kenya.

Sometimes, the or the .com extension of your preferred domain name may not be available. You might have to tweak your domain name slightly. For instance, add ‘the’ before your domain name.

Should you Buy all the extensions of your Domain Name?

When looking for an ideal domain for your upcoming fashion blog, you might find that it is available in several extensions such as .com,, .net, and .org. Should you buy all of these extensions?

In Kenya, the most popular extensions are .com and But, you should consider buying other extensions when your brand grows because the entry of a competitor, with a similar domain, can reduce traffic to your website when your brand grows and an online search generates results with domains that match yours thogugh on a different extension. It also gives you control of your online reputation for that domain name.

Is your Preferred Domain Available?

Search on to know whether your domain name suggestions are available. You will also get information about the extensions available.

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