How to Prevent UTI Naturally

Fitness / Saturday, November 4th, 2017

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a nightmare. The frequent visits to the toilet, the itch, the smell, and sometimes the pain around the pelvic can be overwhelming.  If the infection is only in the urethra, the main symptoms are a burning sensation and abnormal discharge.

However, when bacteria reach the bladder, symptoms include spots of blood in urine, general discomfort around the pelvic and the lower abdomen. The worst case of UTI occurs when the infection reaches the kidneys.

In addition to having a short urethra, which increases the chances of bacteria reaching the bladder, other factors that put women at risk are some birth control methods, lower production of estrogen during menopause, and a weak immune system arising from pre-existing health conditions.

If you are wondering how to prevent UTI naturally, or reduce the risk, here are a few suggestions.

  • Increase water intake

If there has never been a reason to take the prescribed six to eight glasses of water daily, this is it. Frequent urination will lower chances of bacteria clinging to the system.  Additionally, water will dilute urine’s acidity reducing the chances of bacteria survival.

  • After sexual activity, empty your bladder

A vagina is just too close to the urethra. Therefore, empty the bladder as soon as possible in case bacteria travelled from the vagina during intercourse. Bacteria should never reach the bladder.

  • Reconsider wearing stockings

Kenya is hot most time of the year. Stockings are comfortable during the cold months. However, when indoors, it is not as cold and there’s no need to have a pair of stockings the whole day. Tight jeans and panties that are not 100% cotton will also create a favourable habitat for bacteria.

  • Add yogurt to your shopping list

Counter the bad bacteria in your system with lactobacillus acidophilus, which is one of the main ingredients in yogurt.  The vagina contains its own type of lactobacillus. However, due to various risk factors, the good bacteria decrease and allow the UTI causing bacteria to flourish.

The stomach has acids that digest anything and everything including good bacteria. Nevertheless, some types such as lactobacillus acidophilus survive the digestion process and proceed down the digestion tract.

  • Use sanitary products that actually absorb

There are so many manufacturers in the market, and there’s a huge difference in quality. Some sanitary towels feel like they have a nylon mesh on top while others have a smooth surface that absorbs and reduces the moisture that may create an environment for bacteria growth.

  • Enhance hygiene

Give your lady parts as much attention as you give to your face. As you shower, use water and a face towel to clean yourself gently. There’s no need for gels and soaps.  Bacteria from the back can reach the front in seconds, and that’s why you have to give extra attention to this part of your body.

  • Let your panties see some sunshine

Hang them out to dry in the sun, to kill any germs on them. If you can’t, then wear them a few weeks apart so they have sufficient time to dry on your bathroom rack. If you’ve had an infection recently, wash your towel in antiseptic and detergents, and rinse it thoroughly. Another unconventional trick is to iron the towel after drying your body as you recover from a recent infection.

These simple urinary tract infection home treatment ideas save money, and prevent the pain of nursing such an infection.

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