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How to Hide Belly Fat and Still Look Glam

As you continue with your fitness routine to get a flat tummy, here are painless ways to hide belly fat. From today, you do not have to hold your tummy in every time you are in public. With these easy steps, you will learn how to hide belly fat with clothes that flatter your curves and bring out your best features.

  1. Go for ruched tops

Avoid tops that cling to your belly and accentuate the layers around your mid-section. Go for fluted, pleated or gathered tops. Tummy hiding dresses also have similar designs around the belly.

  1. Choose draped tops

Draped tops never go out of fashion. They float over the belly without drawing too much attention to it.

  1. Avoid tucking tops in

Tucking in tops only draws more attention to your non-existent waistline.

  1. Wear dresses with an empire waistline

The empire waistline lets your dress flow over your stomach.

  1. Go for asymmetrical tops

It is all about taking attention away from your tummy, and assymetrical tops do that perfectly by creating vertical lines.

  1. Wear cardigans

Wear long, open cardigans over your tops. They create two vertical lines and lengthen your frame.

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