How to Get Web Hosting for your Blog

Finance / Thursday, April 20th, 2017

To make your website available online, the web pages need storage on the internet from where they can be accessed and made available through the World Wide Web. Hence, you need web hosting services. A number of companies offer web hosting in Kenya. They include Sasa Host, Kenya Website Experts, Web Host Kenya and EAC Directory. They have different payment plans and packages.

Most web hosting packages attract annual fees. Read between the lines to avoid paying more for a package you would get cheaply elsewhere. In addition, read reviews from customers and ask around about the quality of service and the client support system.

Some of the best hosting packages are inclusive of one free domain name, free yearly domain renewal and they offer extensions like .com, .net, .org and .biz. Compare features added to the hosting package. For example, will you have unlimited email accounts and unlimited sub-domains?

A web hosting package that is inclusive of a free domain is better than buying the domain separately. However, the extension you want may not be included in the hosting package. For example, a web hosting package may have a free domain name for a .com extension and you want a extension. In that case, you have to get the domain separately, and pay for web hosting separately. Here is a place for you to compare all web hosting packages offered in Kenya. The Kenya Network Information Centre ( KENIC) lists all licensed registrars too. Check out We Are

Get the Best Web Design Services

A mock-up can go a long way in explaining what you want your website to look like. Your mock-up does not have to be a professional layout of the website. Work with your designer to fine-tune your mock-up, and create a user and search engine friendly website. It should must be user friendly if you want your audience to linger in it long enough for you to achieve your objectives (e.g sell products, gather contact information etc. Your website should be navigable, appealing and with an ideal loading speed. You must be cautious about loading speed for image heavy blogs. Additionally, you need a mobile responsive website because most Kenyans access the internet from their smartphones as opposed to desktop computers.

Search for existing fashion blogs whose design you envy so that your web designer can have a benchmark. You will also provide details about your domain and hosting plan.

Best Free Blogging Platforms for First Time Fashion Bloggers

With a shoe string budget and a passion for the art of creating content online, you can start blogging on a free platform. One of the most popular free blogging platforms is WordPress. It takes less than 10 minutes to create a free WordPress blog, and it is easy to maintain.

One of the best features about WordPress is the fact that you can export your blog, when you move to a customised paid-for website.

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