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How long should you Keep Makeup?

Chances are, you are using expired makeup already. Women hoard make-up for many reasons. For some, they cannot imagine throwing away a bottle that is half empty while others cling to designer make-up products. Hence, there are varied answers to how long to keep make-up before tossing it out.

On average, the shelf life of cosmetics is between three months and two years. Some products have a shorter lifespan while others can be used longer.

  When to Throw Make-up Out

If you are wondering how long to keep makeup before you throw it into the dustbin, here are 6 things you should know.

  • Some cosmetics do not have an expiration date, so you might have to take note of the day you opened them. It is easier when you shop for all make-up products on the same day.
  • Longevity of makeup is also determined by your storage method. Make-up should only be stored in air-tight containers, with lids on and in a cool, dry place. Exposure to sunlight destroys cosmetic products, and so does moist surroundings like a bathroom.
  • Mascara’s life span is three months. Longer than that, you are exposing your eyes to bacteria, carried back into the bottle by the brush.
  • Note any change in consistency, colour or smell in make-up products. For instance, when your mascara dries or your liquid foundation becomes cakey, throw it out.
  • Use clean applicators always to make your cosmetics last longer. A build-up on brushes and sponges exposes you to breakouts. Wash sponges and brushes at least once a week, or buy disposable applicators.
  • Toss out all make-up products and applicators when you get a skin or eye infection. The infection can persist because bacteria was stored in the products when you got the infection.

Remember, some make-up products like foundations and concealers contain water and botanical elements like chamomile and aloe vera. Therefore, exposure to elements like moisture and heat increase chances of accumulating bacteria.

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