How to Create a Facebook Page for your Small Business in Kenya

Facebook is arguably the most efficient social media platform for small businesses. On a Facebook page, businesses display items in a shop, communicate with customers through a chat function, list events new stall opening and discounts, and promote the business through paid advertising. Here’s how to create a Facebook page for your small business in Kenya.

What you need before creating a Facebook Page
The prerequisites are:
• Two images (The profile picture dimensions are 170 by 170px and if it is a logo, it should be a png file. The cover photo should be at least 820 by 321 px).
• A phone number.
• Email address (not a must if you have a phone number).
• A personal Facebook account.
• A business name or the name you would like to use as your page name.

Facebook Page Tutorial (using a Desktop/laptop)
• Log into your personal Facebook account.
• Click the Quick Help tab on the upper-right end of the top bar.
• Scroll down the drop-down list and click Create Page.
• Choose a page type. The options are a local business, a company, a brand/product, an artist/public figure, entertainment or a cause/community. If you are a fashion designer in need of a personal page, then select public figure. If you don’t have a physical store, you can select the brand category. Alternatively, if you would like a page for your land-based store, choose local business. Later on, you can change the category of your page if it doesn’t suit your objectives. For now, we shall create a local business.
• Add details to the local business category selected earlier (refer to the prerequisites). Add the page name and the physical address of your shop. Under page category, the choices are local business, local service, shopping & retail, sports & recreation, property, legal, restaurant. Yours will certainly be shopping and retail or local business.
• Add a profile picture, and a cover picture.
• Click on the button with three dots just below your cover picture, and select Edit Page Info from the drop down list.
• Change the page category, if necessary.
• Add a short description of the business. Make it an interesting piece that captures your objective and entices the visitor. For example, XXX is a leading distributor of fitness products in Kenya. Our prices are affordable, and we have various products such as slimming and detox teas. We make deliveries around the country, and we guarantee quality products.
• Add a link to your website, and your email address. Direct visitors to the homepage of your website not subpages.
• Add the street address, where necessary. Indicate whether you make deliveries around your area of operation.
• Set the operating hours from Monday to Sunday. Save all the changes made.
• Like your page, share it or invite your friends to like it.

It costs zero to create a Facebook business page. You can get one right now by just logging into your personal account. In addition, your employee can access the page as an admin, and reply to the comments on your behalf, if you run your business as a side hustle.

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