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Denim Skirt Outfits: Ideas for 2020

The blue denim skirt is more popular than black or white, but I think having all three is a plus. There are also other fancy colours: denim skirts are available in pink, red, indigo, brown wash and beige colours. Blue denim is versatile offering shades like stonewash blue, midwash blue, acid wash and lightwash blue. Black denim tries to match the variety of the blue shades but the most it can offer is black wash.

The high waisted denim skirt is a fashionable, timeless item to get now. The cinched silhouette it yields is an absolute must-try this season. This design could be your shot at trying out two trends – the bodysuit and denim. Some high wasted skirt have pockets, others have buttons along the centre front to the hemline. You may forego the front pocketed design if you are conscious about your tummy as the pockets make it bulge. However, if it’s a high waisted skirt and not a size too small, sis, rock that denim.

If you don’t have ripped denim already, get one of the old pairs and try a DIY. You can also shorten a long denim outfit into a midi. Instead of a traditional hem, comb it to form a ripped hem. Alternatively, leave it as a raw edge.

There’s no limit to what you can wear with denim. The favourite for many is a fancy tee, but a blouse can also bring some formal feel to denim when wearing it on casual Fridays. Floral patterns on blouses complement the plain, often dull, denim look. For the denim on denim look, pair a black denim skirt with a blue denim jacket/blouse or vice versa. Denim is a great item in the wardrobe as you can pair it with heels or sneakers.

So, would you rather a short A-line for a sunny day or a denim wrap skirt? Check these designs below.

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