Crazy Nail Art: 20 Ideas to Dare

Cardi B is a boss babe who loves her nails long. She recently showed us how to cut a mango with them. But there’s one question Carbi B wants us to stop asking her, “how do you wipe your b***?”  So what’s crazy nail art? Crazy isn’t close to weird on the wild nail art scale.  Well, they are not your ordinary nail designs because they have some spookiness sprinkled on them by the nail art fairy. 

Crazy also includes funny nail art designs such as emojis. Coffin nail designs seem quite popular.  You nails are a canvas on which your manicurist can design anything possible on that much space. Use your mani to say something about your creative self to match the standard you have set with your makeup and wardrobe.

Take a look at these designs.

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