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15 Craft Ideas for Old Jeans

Old jeans stashed at the corner of the wardrobe needs to be put to good use now. Is there a pair of denim you last wore during your high school days? We all have one of those, especially the ones with girlish embellishments we hope the world will let us wear again one day. But, why keep fingers crossed for something that may never happen, when you can turn that old pair into something useful.

Old jeans can make very colourful home décor pieces, such as throw pillow cases. With just a pair of scissors and sewing essentials, you can have a throw pillow ready in a day. Other fancier craft ideas for old jeans are bracelets and backpacks. Easy denim crafts include shopping bags and shoulder bags.

Since the world is all about re-use and re-purposing, here’s what you can do with old jeans.

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